Carlito’s Cabo


Upon entering Carlito’s Cabo, there is an immediate feeling of being at home. Carlito’s Cabo is a family-owned restaurant which offers Columbia a unique travelling experience around Latin America through the tastes buds. The menu, though mainly Mexican, allows dwellers to sample a variety of dishes from Peru, Columbia, Brazil and Argentina among others.This is authentic cuisine as found in Mexican and Peruvian homes. It is worth the trip to any of both Carlito’s Cabo locations to experience Pollo a la Brasa, Lomo Saltado, Ceviche, among other excellent dishes from Peru.


Carlito’s Cabo initiated it’s operation in 2003 under the ownership of John Burris. Sara and Daniel purchased the restaurant from John in 2008 and while at first they had decided to keep the same Mexican menu for the regular patrons, they slowly started adding Peruvian dishes, reflecting their own background. The food they serve is natural and real, nothing artificial. They believe in making their customers happy, greeting them and making them feel at home because a satisfied customer is one who will not only return for more, but one who will also recommend you to others. Carlito’s is located in a college town and wishing to attract as many students as possible, they keep their prices affordable. No one should leave our restaurant feeling hungry, irritated or dissatisfied. We operate throughout the week taking the weekends to replenish and restock.