Carlitos Mexican Restaurant

Welcome, Friend!

Carlito’s came on the scene in Beaumont, Texas on April of 1997. My father decided after working in restaurants that it was finally time to have our own. With a High School Diploma, and little more than a dream he started; and Beaumont welcomed us in. I can still remember the cars that would line amarillo street. We were so packed patrons would park in a grass field and wait to come in. The 3 things my father stressed was..1.Hot Food…2.Great Service…3.Affordable prices. That will be our success. And he was right. He also wanted a family atmosphere where everyone felt welcomed, and i must say when you look out on the floor at Breakfast, lunch, and dinner you see the diversity of our patrons, and thats because they feel welcomed. We here at Carlito’s still continue to serve the patrons of Beaumont, and the surrounding areas. Sincerely, Carlos Hernandez Jr