Carnivore Diet Food List – What You Can & Cannot Eat

That’s a ton of carbs locked up in the Food Pyramid, and probably 50% of your diet may compose of carbs alone. [1]

Fats, meat, and all other animal products are pretty much near the top, and the only products higher up are sugar, salts, and saturated fats.

Now, we used to think that a carnivore diet just turns that whole concept upside down. But in many ways, you could actually say that a pyramid isn’t as descriptive anymore.

In a carnivore diet food pyramid, you only have two layers: one is meat, and the other is water. But, what you can do is break down the types of meat into segments. In that case, you would have a base layer of beef, and sitting on top of that would be pork, poultry, game, and organ meats or animal foods.

​Next would be water. Remember that you should be aiming for 5 pints of H2O per day?

Finally, on top of the water sits a small layer of a few dairy items that you can have every once in a while.

What’s completely missing is any hint or sign of a carbohydrates. We’ve thought about having a t-shirt printed with this carnivore diet food pyramid, just to annoy some vegans at dinner parties.