Case Study: Sales B2B- Willing to fight! | SmartR

It was an honor to have a chance to provide our client Achison – Achison Joint Stock Company – one of the leading enterprises in Vietnam in the field of occupational and industrial safety a successful training about B2B Sales on last Saturday morning. It would not be a big success without the guidance and sharing of Dr. Le Duy Quang – known in the market as a natural motivator in both management and training with more than 15 years in managing sales and marketing for MNCs blended with 3 years working with the top consultancy in the world- Boston Consulting Group.

It was a great training session for the senior sales team from Achison. The class lasted for over 3 hours, and we had many cases and best practices to discuss. To win the relationship with B2B clients, there are numerous things for the sales team to prepare and practice, but the top-of-mind tips for them are to be willing to fight, to make the best decision right away, and to have the best relationship with their customers.

There are some factors that could affect the sales deals that the team is fighting for. Most of them can be mentioned as communication skills and understanding customers’ needs and demands. According to Dr. Le Duy Quang, when it comes to B2B deals, sales teams need to build and maintain a good relationship with the clients before and after the deals are done. Even if there is no deal made at that time, as long as you manage to build a rapport with the company clients, it is one step to your success. Simply put, your clients will be more honest when they trust you, the more they trust you, the higher chance they would recommend your products/services to their business partners, friends,… Keeping this in mind may result in some advancements for your company in the long run.

In the last part of the training, we encouraged the sales team from Achison to raise questions, difficulties and challenges that they met when dealing with B2B clients. Many of the senior sales, including managers from Achison, with years of experience, made the panel discussion part more exciting and valuable.

Let’s together look back on some other moments from the training morning about Sales B2B for Achison by Dr. Le Duy Quang. We hope to bring more valuable and beneficial lessons for all of you!