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Cashco Auto Loans: Bad Credit Car Loans

Cashco Auto Loans are now available at the best industry rates. Let’s face it; in this day and age it’s hard to get by without a vehicle especially in parts of Alberta, Saskatchewan, Ontario, and British Columbia. Even with the progress of public transit in  several urban cities, bloated commuting times can cause a person to lose 40 minutes per day. That’s one entire week of time per year. But for some folks who have no credit or bad credit, it’s tough to get a car loan from a bank or a brick and mortar dealership. This poses a problem; how can I get I get a new or used car when I have bad credit?

That’s where we come in. Cashco Auto works with a dozen banks and finance companies that specialize in helping clients with bad credit or even no credit get a finance plan and monthly payment that is right for them.

Henry Ford famously proclaimed in 1922 that “Any customer can have a car painted any colour that he wants, so long as it is black.” Ultimately it was due to the production line only having capacity for speedy delivery of black paint jobs, but just imagine financing a car that you couldn’t even choose the colour of.

Cashco Auto Loans: Get Instant Approval

Getting the Right Auto Financing and the Right Auto Itself

Today, almost a century since Henry Ford tried to dictate consumer wants; Cashco Auto has designed our entire business around the exact opposite idea. At Cashco Auto, the first step for us is just a simple question: “what would you love to drive?” That is all we do every single day. We put people in the vehicles they love to drive no matter what their credit history is. That means it does not matter if someone has good credit, bad credit or no credit at all. Cashco Auto treats every client with courtesy and respect because Cashco Auto is a part of the Cashco Financial Group where our brand promise is Cashco Cares.

Because we care, Cashco Auto ensures that our auto loan rates are very competitive to allow our clients to get the best financing and the best new or used vehicle possible. As soon as a client is approved for an auto loan, they can immediately start to rebuild their credit rating simply by making their payments on time. At Cashco Auto, before we complete any car loan with a client, we make sure that they are getting a payment plan that is right for them. That means Cashco Auto is always by your side every step of the way towards rebuilding your credit score.

Bad Credit or No Credit is No Problem for Cashco Auto Loans

Bad credit never has to be the end. When you apply online or at any one of over 65 Cashco locations across Canada, you will get one of our Auto Finance Managers personally go to work for you. Together, you and your personal Auto Finance Manager will find the perfect vehicle, the perfect monthly payment and the perfect credit plan for you as fast as possible. Sometimes a new client can submit an application and be driving their new vehicle in the same day.

With Cashco Auto, you will get the best customer experience and it doesn’t stop there. If you feel that working with us has been a positive experience, then we will give you $500 each time you successfully refer another person to get the same great experience with us.

Cashco Auto Loans: Get Instant Approval

At Cashco Financial, we ask the question: what do you need? There’s not always an easy answer. What we know is that everyone is different, especially when it comes to finances. So if you need a new or used vehicle or are looking to rebuild your credit, consider an auto loan from Cashco Financial. We would love to help.

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