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  • Indulge in Starbucks Cake Pops: A Delicious Treat for Every Occasion!

    Starbucks cake pops are a delicious and irresistible treat that have become a popular choice among coffee lovers. These bite-sized desserts are perfect for satisfying your sweet tooth cravings while enjoying your favorite Starbucks beverage.

    What are Starbucks cake pops?

    Starbucks cake pops are small, round desserts that are made by combining crumbled cake with frosting and shaping the mixture into a ball. The balls are then placed on a stick and dipped in chocolate or other coatings to create a bite-sized treat. They come in a variety of flavors and are often decorated with sprinkles or other toppings.

    Cake pops have become increasingly popular in recent years as a fun and easy-to-eat dessert option for parties, events, or just as a sweet snack. Starbucks was one of the first major chains to introduce cake pops to their menu, and they quickly became one of their most popular items.

    How are Starbucks cake pops made?

    The process for making Starbucks cake pops involves several steps. First, the cake is baked and then crumbled into fine pieces. Next, frosting is added to the crumbs until the mixture is moist enough to be shaped into balls. The balls are then placed on sticks and chilled in the refrigerator so they can firm up.

    Once the cake balls have hardened, they are dipped in melted chocolate or other coatings such as white chocolate or candy melts. After dipping, they can be decorated with sprinkles, drizzled with more chocolate, or topped with other decorations depending on the flavor.

    What flavors do Starbucks cake pops come in?

    Starbucks offers a wide variety of flavors for their cake pops including:

    • Birthday Cake
    • Chocolate Cake
    • Lemon Cake
    • Pumpkin Spice (seasonal)
    • Gingerbread (seasonal)
    • Caramel Brul‚e (seasonal)

    Starbucks also releases limited edition flavors throughout the year, so it’s always worth checking to see what new options are available.

    Starbucks cake pops: A brief history

    Starbucks cake pops first appeared on the menu in 2009, and quickly became a fan favorite. The idea for the bite-sized treats came from Starbucks’ pastry chef, who wanted to create a portable dessert that customers could enjoy on-the-go. The original flavors were vanilla, chocolate, and birthday cake.

    Since then, Starbucks has expanded their cake pop offerings to include seasonal and limited edition flavors, as well as vegan and gluten-free options. Today, you can find everything from pumpkin spice to red velvet cake pops at your local Starbucks.

    The popularity of Starbucks cake pops

    Part of the reason why Starbucks cake pops have become so popular is their convenience. They’re small enough to fit in your hand or purse, making them perfect for a quick snack or dessert on-the-go. Plus, they’re visually appealing – with their colorful coatings and fun shapes – which makes them great for sharing on social media.

    The future of Starbucks cake pops

    As consumer demand for plant-based and gluten-free options continues to grow, it’s likely that we’ll see even more variety in the types of cake pops that Starbucks offers. Additionally, with the rise of online ordering and delivery services, it’s becoming easier than ever to get your hands on a box of these delicious treats.

    How many flavors of Starbucks cake pops are there?

    There are currently over 20 different flavors of Starbucks cake pops available nationwide. Some of the most popular flavors include:

    • Birthday Cake
    • Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough
    • Pumpkin Spice
    • Lemon Cake
    • Cinnamon Roll

    In addition to these classic flavors, Starbucks also offers seasonal and limited edition cake pops throughout the year. These flavors often tie in with holidays or special events, such as Valentine’s Day or Pride Month.

    Customizing your cake pop order

    If you’re looking for a specific flavor that isn’t on the menu, you may be able to customize your order at your local Starbucks. Some stores offer the option to mix and match different cake and coating flavors to create your own unique combination.

    Nutritional content of a Starbucks cake pop

    While they may be small in size, Starbucks cake pops can pack a big punch when it comes to calories and sugar. On average, a single cake pop contains around 170-200 calories and 15-20 grams of sugar. However, this can vary depending on the specific flavor and ingredients used.

    Healthier options

    If you’re trying to watch your calorie intake or limit your sugar consumption, there are some healthier options available at Starbucks. The company recently introduced a line of protein boxes that include items like hard-boiled eggs, cheese, and fruit – all for under 300 calories per box.

    Tips for making healthier choices at Starbucks

    • Choose drinks with nonfat milk or almond milk instead of whole milk
    • Skip the whipped cream on top of your drink
    • Opt for snacks like fresh fruit or nuts instead of pastries or cakes
    • Avoid sugary syrups in your drinks (e.g. caramel, vanilla)

    How much do Starbucks cake pops cost?

    The price of a Starbucks cake pop varies depending on your location and the specific flavor. On average, you can expect to pay around $2 for a single cake pop. However, some stores may charge slightly more or less depending on local pricing.

    Discounts and promotions

    If you’re a Starbucks Rewards member, you may be able to earn points towards free items like cake pops. Additionally, the company occasionally runs promotions or discounts on certain menu items – so keep an eye out for those!

    Ordering Starbucks cake pops online

    If you’re unable to make it to your local Starbucks store, you may be able to order cake pops online through the company’s website or mobile app. This option is especially convenient if you’re looking to send a gift or surprise someone with a sweet treat.

    Shipping options

    Starbucks offers both standard and expedited shipping options for their online orders. Shipping fees vary depending on your location and the size of your order.

    Tips for ordering online

    • Double-check your shipping address before placing your order
    • Consider adding a personalized message or gift note to your order
    • Take advantage of any available discounts or promotions (e.g. free shipping)
    • Be aware of any potential delays due to weather or other factors

    Seasonal and limited edition flavors of Starbucks cake pops

    In addition to their classic flavors, Starbucks also offers seasonal and limited edition cake pops throughout the year. Some popular examples include:

    • Pumpkin Spice (fall)
    • Candy Cane (winter)
    • Raspberry Swirl (Valentine’s Day)
    • Unicorn (summer)

    These flavors are often tied to holidays or special events, and are only available for a limited time. If you’re a fan of these seasonal treats, be sure to stock up while you can!

    Celebrating Pride Month with Starbucks

    One of the most popular limited edition cake pops is the Rainbow Cake Pop, which is released each year in honor of Pride Month. The colorful treat features layers of vanilla cake and frosting, and is coated in rainbow sprinkles.

    A portion of proceeds donated to LGBTQ+ organizations

    In addition to offering this festive treat, Starbucks also donates a portion of the proceeds from their Rainbow Cake Pops to various LGBTQ+ organizations each year.

    Vegan and gluten-free options for Starbucks cake pops

    If you have dietary restrictions or preferences, there are several vegan and gluten-free options available at Starbucks. Some popular choices include:

    • Almond Butter & Sea Salt Protein Box (vegan)
    • Kale & Farro Salad Bowl (vegan)
    • Gluten-Free Smoked Canadian Bacon & Egg Sandwich (gluten-free)
    • Dark Chocolate Coconut Almond Milk Cold Brew (vegan)

    Vegan cake pop flavors

    Starbucks currently offers two vegan cake pop flavors: Birthday Cake Pop and Chocolate Cake Pop. These treats are made without any animal products or by-products.

    Cross-contamination concerns

    If you have severe food allergies or sensitivities, it’s important to note that all items at Starbucks are prepared in a shared kitchen environment. This means that there is a risk of cross-contamination with allergens like nuts, dairy, and gluten.

    In conclusion, Starbucks cake pops are a popular and delicious treat that offer a convenient and portable dessert option for coffee lovers on the go.


    Does Starbucks sell box of cake pops?

    Starbucks cake pops are a convenient and affordable treat that can be enjoyed as a snack or dessert while on the move. They are available individually for $2.45 or in a box of six for $13.95, but prices may vary depending on your location. It’s recommended to check with your local Starbucks for more information.

    Are Starbucks cake pops supposed to be cooked?

    Cake pops may feel similar to cookie dough in texture, but they are not raw. We assure you that we would never serve you an uncooked dessert.

    How good are Starbucks cake pops good for?

    These products have a shelf life of two days, and if they are already open, we wrap them in plastic wrap and display them again the next day. When we receive them, they are not stored in a refrigerator, and they are placed on the shelf next to the display case until we switch to the evening pastry selection. However, they are usually only refrigerated when they are inside the pastry case itself.

    Where does Starbucks buy their cake pops?

    SROriginals is a certified supplier to Starbucks and their primary product, Cake Pops, is a popular dessert item sold in Starbucks stores nationwide. The company is certified by the Rocky Mountain Minority Supplier Council and provides a variety of dessert items to Starbucks.

    Why are cake pops so expensive?

    If you’re curious about the cost difference between Starbucks’ cupcakes and cake pops, you should know that the latter is a bit more expensive. This is because cake pops have high-quality ingredients and uncommon flavors. Despite the higher price, indulging in a cake pop is a worthwhile indulgence for anyone with a sweet tooth.

    When did Starbucks sell cake pops?

    Although I was unfamiliar with cake pops until Starbucks began selling them, they gained popularity in the early 2000s thanks to Angie Dudley, a blogger and baker known as Bakerella. In 2008, she demonstrated her cake pop recipe on Martha Stewart’s television show, which quickly became viral. Starbucks began offering cake pops in 2011.

    Starbucks cake pops are small, round desserts made by combining crumbled cake with frosting and shaping the mixture into a ball. They are then placed on a stick and dipped in chocolate or other coatings to create a bite-sized treat. Starbucks offers a variety of flavors including Birthday Cake, Chocolate Cake, Lemon Cake, and seasonal flavors like Pumpkin Spice and Gingerbread. The process for making Starbucks cake pops involves baking the cake, crumbling it into fine pieces, adding frosting until moist enough to shape into balls, chilling in the refrigerator to firm up, dipping in melted chocolate or other coatings, and decorating with sprinkles or other toppings depending on the flavor. Starbucks cake pops first appeared on the menu in 2009 and quickly became a fan favorite.

  • Guide To The Top Portland Maine Restaurants – Legacy Properties

    Reserve a gorgeous luxury vacation home today. We have newly priced properties available this Summer for weekly, monthly, and seasonal stays. Contact us at [email protected] for more information.

    Guide To The Top Portland Maine Restaurants

    Thanks to an abundance of natural resources and notable culinary talent, Portland, Maine has quickly become one of America’s favorite foodie destinations. Widely recognized for an endless array of lobster-infused menus, Portland has also earned accolades for its growing craft beer scene, creative ice cream shops and bakeries, and scenic waterfront locales. Here are some of Portland’s most popular, and uniquely-inspired eateries.

    Fore Street

    Fore Street Portland Maine

    Fore Street restaurant, Portland, Maine (3)” by Vilseskogen is licensed under CC BY-NC 2.0
    $$$$ American

    288 Fore St., Portland, ME 04101

    (207) 775-2717


    Located one block from the waterfront in Portland’s Old Port District, Fore Street Restaurant is an area favorite. All of the food at Fore Street is roasted or grilled over the large brick and soapstone hearth. The award-winning location has ranked in Gourmet Magazine’s Top Fifty Restaurants of the United States more than once! Menu items change every day, based on seasonality.

    Street & Co.

    Street & Co. Portland Maine

    Photo Credit: Rich Brooks via Flickr CC2.0
    $$$ Seafood

    33 Wharf St, Portland, ME 04101

    (207) 775-0887


    Fore Street’s “sister” restaurant, Street & Co. is one of Portland’s longest-standing eateries. This iconic establishment is housed in a rustic building with three separate and distinct seating areas: the back room, the middle room (situated around the open-concept kitchen), and the bar room. Street & Co is said to serve up the best seafood in Portland!


    Scales Portland Maine

    Photo Credit: Kate via Flickr CC2.0
    $$$ Seafood

    68 Commercial Street, Portland, ME 04101

    (207) 805-0444


    Portland’s best-kept waterfront secret, Scales seafood, land-food and raw bar provides classic coastal comfort foods with a French twist that set this location apart from nearby counterparts. Another member of the Fore Street restaurant collection, Scales serves up dinner with a view nightly.

    Eventide Oyster Co.

    Eventide Oyster Co.

    Photo Credit: jpellgen (@1179_jp) via Flickr CC2.0
    $$$ Seafood

    86 Middle St., Portland, ME 04101

    (207) 774-8538


    Seafood tapas are the specialty at Eventide, and as the name implies, oysters are tops on the menu (at least a dozen different types, in fact), from both East and West Coast sources. Praise for Eventide extends far beyond the oysters, however. They’re also known for exceptional fried fish and one of the most popular lobster rolls in the area – the Eventide Brown Butter Lobster Roll.


    $$$$ Farm-to-Table

    88 Middle St, Portland, ME 04101

    (207) 774-8538


    A prominent contributor to Portland’s expanding foodie culture, Hugo’s offers an innovative array of reinvented dishes comprised of ingredients almost exclusively from within the State of Maine. Serving up nightly “blind tasting menus” catering to vegetarians, pescetarians, and omnivores, Hugo’s is the go-to spot for a spontaneous, food-centric adventure!

    The Honey Paw


    Photo Credit: Corey Templeton via Flickr CC2.0
    $$ Asian Fusion

    78 Middle St, Portland, ME 04101

    (207) 774-8538


    The Honey Paw combines Asian-influence with New England tradition. Original dishes take advantage of coastal location and pan-Asian inspiration. Choose from bar or communal table seating. Round out your experience with great cocktails and caramelized honey soft serve.


    Duckfat Portland Maine

    “Lunch At Duckfat” by Joe Shlabotnik is licensed under CC BY-NC-SA 2.0
    $$ Sandwich Shop

    43 Middle St., Portland, ME 04101

    (207) 774-8080


    You’ll love every mouth watering minute spent at Duckfat, but leave your dieting plans at home! With highlight southern comfort menu items integrating cheese, gravy, and of course – duck fat, there is no way your visit will be guilt-free, but it will be tasty!

    Central Provisions

    Central Provisions Portland Maine

    Photo Credit: Central Provisions Portland Maine
    $$$ Small Plates

    414 Fore St., Portland, ME 04101

    (207) 805-1085


    Central Provisions is a trendy local spot with the most comforting Old Port vibes. The perfect spot for small plate and shareable items for lunch, dinner, or weekend brunch. Upstairs seating situated around an entirely open kitchen. Bar seating available downstairs.


    Tipo Portland Maine

    Photo Credit: Kate via Flickr CC2.0
    $$ Italian

    182 Ocean Ave, Portland, ME 04103

    (207) 358-7970


    Tipo is a cozy neighborhood hot spot on Portland’s Back Cove. Serving up wood-fired pies & handmade pastas, Tipo’s ever-changing menu is next-level classic Italian with a smart modern twist. Don’t miss the stellar Happy Hour specials!



    $$ Spanish/French

    58 Pine St., Portland, ME 04102

    (207) 772-1110


    Fast becoming a local favorite on Portland’s West End, Chaval’s menu consists of Spanish and French inspired seasonal cuisine. Options include unique twists on traditional dishes, fresh local delicacies, and Spanish staples. Chaval’s cocktail program and delicious Spanish ciders make it a top spot to catch a few drinks with friends as well! Don’t miss the fabulous Sunday brunch opportunities offered here, and at Chaval’s sister eatery – Piccolo.


    $$$ Italian

    111 Middle St, Portland, ME 04101

    (207) 747-5307


    Piccolo is Portland’s top destination for classic Old World Italian cuisine. Using a combination of locally-sourced and imported Italian ingredients, Piccolo offers dinner five nights a week, Wednesday through Sunday. For a unique, limited opportunity, consider Sunday Supper at Piccolo, where up to six guests dine from a customized, seasonal tasting menu at the chef’s counter.


    EVO Portland Maine

    Photo Credit: Corey Templeton via Flickr CC2.0
    $$$ Middle Eastern

    443 Fore St, Portland, ME 04101

    (207) 358-7830


    Take in the tantalizing tastes of the Middle East with a hearty helping of city views and contemporary energy. Inventive chefs constantly source a rotating variety of the freshest seasonal ingredients to conceive reimagined versions of beloved traditional dishes. EVO dishes are meant to be shared, family-style, and they pair remarkably with the restaurant’s extensive wine list!


    $$$$ Japanese

    468 Fore St., Portland, ME 04101

    (207) 871-9170


    Chef Masa Miyake’s flagship downtown restaurant draws from the Japanese ‘Washoku’ cooking style, placing an emphasis on seasonal and locally-sourced ingredients. Miyake’s expert sushi chefs create an unforgettable, multi-course omakase dining experience.

    Grill Room

    Grill Room Portland Maine

    Photo Credit: Rich Brooks via Flickr CC2.0
    $$ Steakhouse

    84 Exchange St, Portland, ME 04101

    (207) 774-2333


    The Grill Room is an urban, rustic steakhouse where high-quality meets affordability. Featured in many of Maine’s top publications as a “Best Bet” for food in Portland, The Grill Room’s wood-fired steaks are the stuff of legends!


    $$$ European

    3 Spring St, Portland, ME 04101

    (207) 808-7133


    Lio is a trendy modern wine bar and restaurant with a stunning wooden long-bar and outdoor balcony seating overlooking the city. Using “modern European techniques to create dishes that highlight the bounty of Maine”, Lio specializes in small plates paired with classic wines.


    $$$ Mediterranean

    90 Congress St, Portland, ME 04101

    (207) 775-5652


    Bask in the comfort of an Old World bodega-styled eatery where flavor and tradition reign supreme. Choose from small plates or shareable items for a dining experience custom-fit to your party’s needs. The elaborate menu of freshly-sourced tapas, wines, and cocktails provides the perfect start for a night on the town.

    The Shop

    $ Seafood

    123 Washington Ave Portland , ME 04101



    The Shop Raw Bar and Shellfish Market offers up hand-picked Maine oysters to take home or enjoy onsite with a glass of beer or wine and a few good friends. Outdoor seating available.

    Drifters Wife

    $$$ Gastropub

    59 Washington Ave, Portland, ME 04101

    (207) 805-1336


    Featured on Bon Appétit’s 2016 list of the country’s best new restaurants, Drifters Wife has come a long way since its modest beginnings as a wine shop. Evolving menus are crafted around available, prime ingredients. In other words, the meals are always fresh, new, and innovative, with the seafood selections being among the most recommended.

    East Ender

    $$ American

    47 Middle St, Portland, ME 04101

    (207) 879-7669


    Casual atmosphere for classic American fare, craft beer, wine, and cocktails. East Ender offers bold New England flavors, from locally-sourced ingredients. Stand-out menu items promise the flair of fusion and the care of from-scratch prep.

    Palace Diner

    Palace Diner Portland Maine

    Photo Credit: Allagash Brewing via Flickr CC2.0
    $$ American

    18 Franklin St., Biddeford, ME 04005

    (207) 284-0015


    A TripAdvisor review calls Palace Diner “a diner for diner fans”. Located in an old rail train dining car, seating is limited – and coveted – to partake in the breakfast and lunch classics served here all day long. Ample portions are offered up of hardy southern-style favorites.


    $$ Thai

    671 Congress St, Portland, ME 04101

    (207) 347-7557


    Take your pick of tapas, skewers, and entrees at Portland’s first destination Thai restaurant. Boda promises “very Thai” food, combining street vendor favorites with traditional home-style cooking. A popular choice for locals seeking late-night dining options.


    Emilitsa Portland Maine

    Photo Credit: 29-95.com via Flickr CC2.0
    $$$ Greek

    547 Congress St, Portland, ME 04101

    (207) 221-0245


    For contemporary casual dining in Portland’s Arts District, look no further than Emilitsa! Serving up traditional, rustic Greek cuisine paired with an all-Greek wine list. Small plates and large plates offer mandatory classics, as well as some of the best duck and lamb dishes on the coast.

    Woodford F&B

    $$ American

    660 Forest Ave, Portland, ME 04103

    (207) 200-8503


    One of Zagat’s “10 must-try places on the Maine coast”, Woodford F&B is a cozy, but upscale Americana diner known for classic cocktails, local beers, the freshest seafood, and one of the best burgers in the state.


    Baharat Portland Maine

    Photo Credit: Kate via Flickr CC2.0
    $$ Middle Eastern

    91 Anderson St, Portland, ME 04101

    (207) 613-9849


    Born from food truck roots, Baharat is a fast-casual restaurant serving middle-eastern street foods and favorites like lamb and falafel. Hardy appetites will appreciate the “plus-sized” Shawarmageddon sandwich or The All In combo feast for two or four guests.

    The Highroller Lobster Co.

    $$ Seafood

    104 Exchange St, Portland, ME 04101

    (207) 536-1623


    Highroller’s lobster game is hard to beat, and in Portland, lobster rolls have a high mark to aim for to achieve stand-out status. The secret? Maine lobster straight from the docks, served up on buttery brioche rolls baked daily from Southside Bakery, alongside local craft beers. Non-seafood selections like hot dogs, burgers, sandwiches, and salads are also available.

    Izakaya Minato

    Izakaya Minato Portland Maine

    Photo Credit: Kate via Flickr CC2.0
    $$ Japanese

    54 Washington Ave, Portland, ME 04101

    (207) 613-9939


    A classic Japanese izakaya dining experience, Minato pairs traditional shared plates with an assortment of beers, cocktails, and sake. Peruse the daily selection of sashimi, dashi broth dishes, grilled fish and Japanese fried chicken, or opt for the omakase experience. Communal and intimate seating centers around the open concept kitchen.

    Isa Bistro

    Isa Bistro Portland Maine

    Photo Credit: Corey Templeton  via Flickr CC2.0
    $$ American

    79 Portland St, Portland, ME 04101

    (207) 808-8533


    This cozy, bayside neighborhood bistro boasts an eclectic, globally-influenced menu driven by seasonal inspiration. An ideal spot for lunch, brunch, or a casual patio snack.

    Hot Suppa

    Hot Suppa Portland Maine

    Photo Credit: Bill Phelps via Flickr CC2.0
    $$ Comfort Food

    703 Congress St, Portland, ME 04102

    (207) 871-5005


    Hot Suppa’s menu is bursting with delectable, made-from-scratch items using quality, local ingredients. Offering everything from breakfast to cocktails, this West End favorite strives to be known as a “food institution”. With eye-catching, mouth-watering Southern comfort foods like gumbo, grits, catfish and corned beef hash topping the favorite recommendations, they seem to be well on their way!

    Empire Chinese Kitchen


    Photo Credit: Robby Virus via Flickr CC2.0 
    $$ Chinese

    575 Congress St, Portland, ME 04101

    (207) 747-5063


    Specializing in Dim Sum selections, Empire’s menu also features traditional and modern Chinese soul food items, sourced locally and taking full advantage of the area’s coastal bounty.

    The Back Bay Grill

    $$$ American

    65 Portland St, Portland, ME 04101

    (207) 772-8833


    Recognized by Wine Spectator every year since 1999 with the Award of Excellence, The iconic Back Bay Grill is regarded as the restaurant in Portland with the best selection of fine wines. The revolving menu features a range of starter dishes, locally-sourced salads, delightful desserts, and mouthwatering entrees like North Atlantic salmon, hand-rolled pappardelle, cast iron seared local scallops, and grilled rack of lamb.

    Gorgeous Gelato

    $ Ice Cream Shop

    434 Fore St, Portland, ME 04101

    (207) 699-4309


    Gorgeous Gelato is a bright, vibrant space just waiting to pacify your sweet tooth! Featuring 16 flavors of gelato at any given time, selections range from familiar favorites to more adventurous flavors. Handmade gelato pops and cakes, coffee, cappuccino and “boozy beverages” are also available.


    Terlingua portland maine

    Photo Credit: Kate via Flickr CC2.0
    $$ Barbecue

    52 Washington Ave, Portland, ME 04101

    (207) 808-8502


    Terlingua’s small-batch BBQ menu combines house-smoked meats with Caribbean, southwest & Mexican inspired favorites. Serving breakfast, lunch, and dinner daily as well as brunch and the famed weekly “Neighborhood Night” (both on Sundays) for scaled-back, rotating menus at lower price points.

    Blue Spoon

    $$ American

    89 Congress St, Portland, ME 04101

    (207) 773-1116


    Located atop Munjoy Hill in Portland’s East End, Blue Spoon is a chef-owned restaurant. Offering a wide range of dishes from traditional hamburgers to duck risotto and ragu, Blue Spoon also serves up brunch six days per week, and Happy Hour specials on food and drink Tuesday through Friday.


    $$ Pizza

    Multiple Locations


    Since 2009, OTTO has been Portland’s go-to pizzeria. Whether you’re craving a quick slice, or a pie for the whole family, this is the place for some of the best and most unique options around. Surprising toppings like tortellini, pears and cranberries will raise an eyebrow, but if you’re feeling adventurous, try The Masher specialty pizza topped with mashed potato, scallion, and bacon. Seven locations in the state of Maine!

    Bite Into Maine

    Bite Into Maine Portland Maine

    Photo Credit: Navin75 via Flickr CC2.0
    $$ Seafood

    1000 Shore Rd, Cape Elizabeth, ME 04107

    (207) 289-6142


    Serving six different types of lobster rolls, Bite Into Maine serves up fresh lobster on the ocean, with a view of the famous Portland Head Light. Using only locally- sourced lobster on fresh-baked rolls, Bite Into Maine prides itself on consistently being named the home to one of Maine’s best lobster rolls and one of America’s best sandwiches.

    The Holy Donut

    The Holy Donut Portland Maine

    Photo Credit: John Buie via Flickr CC2.0
    $ Donut Shop

    7 Exchange St, Portland, ME 04101

    (207) 775-7776


    With two Portland-area locations serving up these original Maine potato donuts, you have ample opportunity to try something new! At any given time, there are approximately 20 donut flavors to choose from, with mind-boggling selections like pomegranate, maple bacon, chocolate sea salt, and bacon-cheddar filled.

    Salvage BBQ

    Salvage BBQ Portland Maine

    Photo Credit: Kate via Flickr CC2.0
    $$ Barbecue

    919 Congress St, Portland, ME 04102

    (207) 553-2100


    It’s not just a restaurant – it’s an experience! Salvage BBQ features live music on Saturday nights as well as trivia and bingo nights weekly. Offering 17 taps of mostly Maine microbrews, as well as tantalizing North Carolina and Texas inspired barbecue dishes, Salvage BBQ is the tastiest Southern fare you’ll find in Maine, and the perfect place for a casual night out.

    Flatbread Company

    $$ Pizza

    72 Commercial St #5, Portland, ME 04101

    (207) 772-8777


    Portland’s Casco Bay is the home to Flatbread Company’s second Maine location, and probably the most scenic, as it is right on the water. A simple menu with epic choices, Flatbreads offers pizzas both with and without their signature organic wood–fired cauldron tomato sauce, and an assortment of fresh toppings.

    The Gelato Fiasco Old Port

    The Gelato Fiasco Old Port Portland Maine

    The Gelato Fiasco” by Joe Shlabotnik is licensed under CC BY-NC-SA 2.0 
    $ Ice Cream Shop

    425 Fore St, Portland, ME 04101

    (207) 699-4314

    Visitors to the Old Port district will surely appreciate The Gelato Fiasco. Located just a block from Casco Bay, The Gelato Fiasco offers up to 30 bold flavors of gelato from more than 1,500 original house recipes every day using natural cane sugar and fresh milk from family farms.

    Local 188

    Local 188 Portland Maine

    Photo Credit: charlie vinz  via Flickr CC2.0
    $$ Spanish

    685 Congress St., Portland, ME 04102

    (207) 761-7909


    Pioneers of Portland’s farm-to-table movement, Local 188 prides itself on locally-sourced items prepared on-site in its prominent, open kitchen. The notable beverage program features a wine list with more than 100 bottles, craft cocktails and local and national microbrews. Weekday Happy Hour brings special pricing on drinks and tapas.

    Becky’s Diner

    Becky's Diner portland maine

    Portland: Becky’s Diner” by wallyg is licensed under CC BY-NC-ND 2.0 
    $ Diner

    390 Commercial St, Portland, ME 04101

    (207) 773-7070


    Featured on Food Network’s “Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives”, Becky’s Diner is a Portland tradition. Situated for spectacular waterfront dining on Hobson’s Wharf, Becky’s offers breakfast, lunch, and dinner (including incredible blueberry pancakes) starting early enough to catch a picture-perfect New England sunrise.

  • Takis releases new lineup of snacks, new design

    Company: Grupo Bimbo

    Website: www.barcel-usa.com

    Introduced: May 2021

    Distribution: National

    Suggested Retail Price: $1.69-$3.29

    Product Snapshot: Takis, the spicy rolled tortilla chip brand known for its flavors, has announced that the brand is expanding its bold lineup into five new snack categories and is unveiling a new look. Leading with its signature Fuego variety, Takis is looking to disrupt the salty snack category.

    Since arriving in the United States in 2001, Takis has continued to hold its place as the top growing tortilla chip snack brand in the country, experiencing explosive 25 percent growth year-to-date. Word-of-mouth buzz and fierce brand loyalty has pushed the brand’s sales to outpace the salty snack category, up 10 percent year-to-date, and the tortilla chips subcategory, up 12 percent year-to-date. By expanding the Takis brand to new snack categories and subcategories, the brand looks to capitalize on Takis signature intensity by offering new products that fit a variety snacking occasions, while continuing to provide consumers with the bold, crunchy, and intense flavors they are craving.

    The five new brand extensions include:

    • Takis Waves: The brand is bringing a tsunami of flavor as it enters the $8.4 billion potato chip subcategory with its first line of ridged potato chips. With potato chips representing 30 percent of the salty snacks category, Takis Waves are ready to crash to shore and disrupt the mark.
    • Takis Watz: The cheese snacks category has some intense new competition with the launch of Takis Watz, with the perfect combination of crunchiness and electric flavor.
    • Takis POP!: The bold flavor of Takis joins the ready-to-eat popcorn category, to create an explosive new snack that is hard to resist.
    • Takis Stix: Fans of corn snack sticks will enjoy the full flavor and intensity of Takis in this perfect, on-the-go snacking option.
    • Takis Hot Nuts: Launched in fall 2020, Takis Hot Nuts continue to be popular with consumers, with sales up 15.2 percent year to date. Featuring a unique double crunch technology, Takis Hot Nuts offers spicy intensity with each peanut-filled bite.

    Bold new flavors call for a bold new look. Fans of Takis will face the intensity in a whole new way with a new packaging design that features a bigger emphasis on the Takis logo and the brand’s signature intense purple color taking center stage across all products. Each bag also has a distinct color blocking window  featuring a flavor tornado effect that showcases the unique ingredients that come together to create that flavor. The packaging also highlights the return of Takis Heat-O-Meter—an icon that help consumers understand how intense the product is.

    “Takis is known for big, bold flavors, so we are thrilled to bring the intensity of our iconic rolled tortilla chip to entirely new snacking categories,” said Sandra Peregrina, marketing director of Salty Snacks for Barcel USA. “We know our consumers are looking for satisfying snacks that level up the moment, and Takis is the perfect snack to do that. Takis Waves, Takis Watz, Takis POP!, Takis Stix and Takis Hot Nuts will provide a full flavor experience not yet offered in these snacking categories, so we’re excited to bring the intensity to consumers.”

    For more information about the new Takis lineup, visit http://takis.us/.

  • 40 Mouthwatering Asian Snacks You Can Buy Online

    *This article may contain affiliate links. As an Amazon Associate, I earn from qualifying purchases. For full information, please see our disclaimer here.

    Growing up in Asia means having a world of flavors within reach. In a continent of almost 50 countries, you can expect an assortment of cuisines, each with distinct characters. This variety extends to Asian snacks, munchies that offer a unique taste and even trigger nostalgia.

    This sheer diversity also makes supermarket trips (or online shopping) overwhelming. There are so many options, how do you know which ones to pick? Hopefully, this list of classic, sweet, savoury, kid-friendly, and unique snacks from Asia will help you trim down your choices.

    Asian snacksAsian snacks

    That being said, this list is not definitive. Asia is the largest continent in the world, and there’s not enough space to mention all of the best Asian snacks. I just hope to inspire your shopping lists but this is in no way exhaustive.

    Without further ado, let’s go and dig into this yummy list!

    Best-selling and classic Asian snacks

    No list of Asian snacks is complete without Glico Pocky Biscuit Sticks, one of the oldest and most popular Japanese snacks. Originally available in chocolate, these thin biscuits now come in various flavors: almond, strawberry, coconut, milk, honey, matcha, banana, and a lot more.

    First sold in 1966, these addicting biscuits are a hit not just in Japan but also in other Asian countries. Increased importing and expansion of Asian supermarkets in Europe, the US, and other parts of the world made Pocky even more widespread.

    Shrimp crackers are so popular across Asia, so much so that several countries have their versions. Famous brands of the puffed stripped variant include Japan’s Calbee Kappa Ebisen, Korea’s Nongshim, Malaysia’s Double Decker, and the Philippine’s Oishi Prawn Crackers.

    Shrimp crackers also come in round and rectangular shapes like Malaysia’s keropok, Indonesia’s krupuk udang, the Philippine’s kropek, and Vietnam’s banh phong tom. All of these typically use shrimp and tapioca flour.

    Although this is a list of Asian snacks, this hugely popular Japanese drink deserves a spot. It is, after all, the most popular probiotic drink in Asia. Each small bottle of Yakult is full of gut-friendly lactobacilli. So it’s not just yummy, it’s also healthy.

    While Yakult is an institution in Japan, it also has huge markets in other Asian countries. Koreans often drink it to cap off a meal. In Singapore, it comes in different flavours like grape, orange, and apple. And different countries have different bottle sizes.

    Dumpling is a general term for bite-sized treats typically filled with meat, veggies, or a combination of both, wrapped in a thin layer of dough. And it’s prominent not just in Asian cuisine but in other parts of the world, too.

    Available in so many countries and types, dumplings are one of the most familiar Asian snacks, Some of the well-known variations include China’s guotie, Kathmandu and Nepal’s momo dumplings, Japan’s gyoza, and Korea’s mandu.

    Originating from China, White Rabbit candies are sweet, creamy taffies that are known for their second layer of edible rice paper wrapping. It’s been around since the 1930s and is so popular that it was even given by Premier Zhou Enlai to U.S. President Richard Nixon during their 1972 meeting. It is now available in over 50 countries.

    Chinese haw flakes are one of those nostalgia-inducing Asian snacks that have made their way to Europe and the Americas. Made from hawthorn fruits, these dry fruit discs are slightly sweet, mildly sour, and healthy. It is also great as an ingredient for fruit salads, cakes, and ice cream.

    7. Mooncakes, sun cakes, and similar Asian pastries

    It’s almost impossible to visit any Asian country and not bring home a box of pastries. Asia loves its pastries and you won’t run out of options. One of the most ubiquitous is the Chinese mooncake which usually uses red bean or lotus seed paste as filling.

    Although mooncakes are available across Asia, other countries have also produced similar pastries: the Taiwanese sun cake and pineapple cake, Vietnam’s banh pia, Indonesia’s bakpia, the Philippines’ hopia, and Hong Kong’s wife cake.

    One of the best and yummiest Asian snacks that have stood the test of time, baklava is a sweet pastry made of thin phyllo dough sheets, intertwined with chopped nuts, and poured over with sugar syrup or honey. It’s sweet, flaky, and luscious.

    While the origins of pre-Ottoman baklava are unknown, modern baklava is said to be invented in Istanbul. Aside from Turkey, this pastry dessert is also popular in Western and Central Asia, as well as in the Balkans.

    Sweet Asian snacks

    Coffee candies are not new and neither are they endemic to Asia. But they sure are popular in these parts of the world. Indonesia’s Kopiko is one of the most popular coffee candy brands, and one of the most loved Asian snacks, too. It comes in two flavors: original, which is deep, dark, and robust; and cappuccino, which is creamier.

    Korea’s answer to Pocky (although Lotte denies copying the Japanese snack), Pepero is a chocolate-dipped cookie stick that’s been around since 1983. Aside from the original plain milk chocolate flavor, it now comes in white chocolate, peanut butter, green tea, vanilla, strawberry, tiramisu cheese, and other flavors.

    While most chips are on the savory, salty side, the Philippines’ Golden Sweet Corn are, well, sweet. These crunchy, bright yellow balls are coated in sweet corn powder flavoring. They’re quite addicting, too. Korea’s Kkokkalcorn and Turtle Chips use similar sweet corn flavoring but come in the form of chips and not round puffs.

    One of the most iconic Asian snacks in the sweets department, Hi-Chew is a soft, taffy-like chewy candy that comes in different fruit flavors. You can think of it as an edible kind of chewing gum. First introduced in Japan in 1975, it is also common in other Asian countries like Taiwan, Thailand, and Singapore.

    Sesame balls, or jian dui in Chinese, is one of the many Asian snacks that are not just delicious but also incredibly filling. This pastry is basically glutinous rice flour with fillings of red bean paste, mung bean paste, lotus paste, or shredded coconuts. The round balls are covered with sesame seeds.

    Similar variations include Vietnam’s banh ran, the Philippines’ buchi, Cambodia’s num kroch, Japan’s goma dango, Korea’s gyeongdan, India and Sri Lanka’s ellu urundai, and Malaysia’s kuih bom.

    Drying fruits is an old process that dates back to ancient Mesopotamia. Dried fruits are not just sweet and nutritious, they also have a long shelf life. You’ll have no trouble finding dried fruits in Asia. Plums, raisins, mangoes, jackfruit, durian, pineapple, berries – name it, Asia’s got it dried.

    Launched in 1991, Tokyo Banana are banana-shaped sponge cakes filled with delicious custard cream. These scrumptious treats are internationally famous but exclusively available in Tokyo. Or so we thought.

    In late 2014, local versions were launched in Thailand (Siam Banana and CP Banana), spurring not just sales but also an online drama.

    Hailed as the “king of fruits”, durian is known for its thorn-covered rind (similar to jackfruit’s) and its strong odor that some find repulsive. This tropical fruit-bearing custard-like, sweet flesh is native to Southeast Asia and grows in Thailand, Malaysia, Indonesia, Vietnam, and the Philippines.

    Durian is present in so many Southeast Asian dishes, including snacks like ice creams, pastries, candies, and chips.

    Savoury Asian snacks

    Many Asian countries are rice-growers, so it’s not a surprise that several Asian snacks use rice as an ingredient. Rice crackers are one of these. Often savory, but sometimes sweet, these crispy treats use glutinous rice and wheat flour.

    Popular variations of rice crackers include Taiwan’s Want Want rice crackers, Japan’s senbei, and Thailand’s Bin Bin rice crackers.

    One of the oldest processed foods in the world, the origin of flatbreads is not certain. But traces of its production have been found in ancient sites in Mesopotamia, Egypt, and Indus Valley.

    You can easily find flatbreads anywhere in the world, and they come in varying shapes, sizes, and types. In Asia alone, there are over a hundred kinds of flatbreads. The most popular types include chapati, lavash, pita, shaobing, paratha, roti, and naan. These types of bread are great for breakfast but also excellent as snacks.

    Asia is the biggest exporter and consumer of instant noodles. Not surprisingly, there are also a variety of noodle types here: soba, udon, chow mien, rice noodles, and more. And the flavors vary, too.

    While Korea has kimchi and other spicy noodles, Thailand has tom yam flavored and even basil stir-fried noodles. Japan has tonkatsu flavored noodles, Indonesia has mi goreng, and India has masala noodles.

    Some Asian snacks have roots in the Americas. Cracker nuts, also known as Japanese peanuts, are one such snack. These crunchy peanuts coated in wheat flour dough are said to have come from 1940s Mexico where a Japanese immigrant invented the snack.

    Japanese cracker nuts come in different colors. In the Philippines, Nagaraya is a popular brand of cracker nuts and is one of the oldest snacks in the country. It comes in flavors like butter, adobo, barbecue, garlic, and spicy.

    Not to be confused with the deep-fried appetizers served in American-Chinese restaurants, egg rolls are sweet, buttery thin wafer cookies rolled into a hollow cylinder. These crumbly rolls come with different fillings like peanut butter, pork floss, and chocolate.

    Popular in China and elsewhere in Asia and around the world (especially where there are Chinatowns), the Chinese often share egg rolls around during the Lunar New Year.

    Popular in India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Nepal, and Sri Lanka, papadum is a thin and crispy seasoned flatbread typically made from black gram bean flour, fried, toasted, or microwaved until crunchy. Some makers also use flour from lentils, chickpeas, or rice.

    These versatile thin rounds are great as a side dish or as an appetizer, but it is also good as a standalone snack. It’s best paired with chutney or pickles.

    As if all our instant noodles are not enough, crispy, no-cook noodle snacks also cropped up in supermarkets. These Asian snacks essentially consist of dry noodles and powder seasoning.

    Pour the seasoning, crush the noodles, shake the bag, and eat it straight out of the bag. I can’t say it’s nutritious but it’s delicious and much more fun to nibble on than run-off-the-mill potato chips.

    Just like instant noodles, noodle snacks also hail from different countries and you’ve got plenty of brand choices. Popular ones include Taiwan’s Science Noodles and Little Prince Noodles, Korea’s Ppushu Ppushu, Malaysia’s Mamee Monster, Japan’s Oyatsu Baby Star, and Indonesia’s Enaak.

    Chive rice cakes, or nom ka chai, are well-known street foods in Cambodia that is inspired by a Chinese dish. Typical recipes involve glutinous rice flour, tapioca flour, and chives but you can also add other ingredients like garlic.

    These flavorsome chive cakes often come with a sweet and spicy fish sauce. A similar dish known as kanom gui chai tod is popular in Thailand.

    Asian snacks for kids

    Launched in Japan in 1979, Yan Yan is a childhood favorite not just in Japan but elsewhere in the world.

    One of the famous Asian snacks made by Meiji, Yan Yan comes in a packaging with two compartments. One compartment contains crunchy biscuits with pictures of various animals on them and quotes relating to that animal. The other has chocolate, strawberry, vanilla, or yogurt-flavored frosting for dipping.

    This one doesn’t need much explanation. Sweet and colorful fruit jellies are commonplace in Asia. They sometimes come in small peel-off cups, pouches, or straws.

    These chewy treats are available in different flavors: grape, green apple, lychee, pineapple, plum, strawberry, and more. They’re probably not as healthy as some would like to believe but their popularity among kids has not changed over the years.

    A favourite of Filipino kids (and kids-at-heart), wafer sticks are two to three layers of flaky wafers that resemble a big straw, with a chocolate filling inside. Newer variations include fillings of ube, strawberry, vanilla, and coconut. In the Philippines, Stik-O is very popular but there are plenty of other brands. Indonesia’s Cho Cho is also worth trying.

    Hailing from Indonesia, Choki Choki chocolate sticks are creamy milk chocolate inside small stick-like packets. You simply squeeze the chocolate paste out to enjoy it. A similar product called Choko Choko is available in the Philippines.

    If you want a trip down memory lane, one of the best Asian snacks you can buy online are the colourful iced gem biscuits. Although not originally from Asia (it was first created in Britain), these sweet biscuits are a hit in Asian countries like Malaysia, Singapore, the Philippines, and China.

    Ingredients include flour, unsalted butter, eggs, sugar, syrup, and salt. A dollop of hardened icing is made using meringue powder and icing sugar.

    Milk tablet candies are exactly what their name suggests – candies made from milk. Loved by kids and adults alike, these Asian snacks are sweet, creamy, and calcium-rich because of their milk component.

    These tablets taste a bit similar to White Rabbit candies but melt so much faster. Thailand has several brands of these candies and the Philippines has the iconic HawHaw brand.

    Ovaltine Malt Candies, also known as Ovaltinees, are like milk tablet candies, except they’re made of malt chocolate instead of milk. Sweet and highly addicting, these compact tablets of hardened Ovaltine powder are popular in Southeast Asia, particularly in the Philippines and Thailand.

    Released the same year as Yan Yan’s, Meiji’s Hello Panda are bite-sized shortbread pillows filled with creamy chocolate. Its hexagonal packaging is easily identifiable and features cartoon pandas doing various sports activities like fencing and archery.

    These Japanese treats are also available in flavors like vanilla, strawberry, double chocolate, coconut, and matcha. Its popularity extends to other parts of Asia and the world.

    Asian snacks with unique flavours

    Nestle’s KitKat is known the world over. But while the original chocolate-covered wafers are delicious and a hit across Asia, the Japanese have gone out of their way to put a unique twist on these classic snacks.

    Matcha KitKat is a Japanese exclusive and one of the most popular Asian snacks in recent years. As if that’s not a feat in itself, they’ve even come up with 14 variants (as of writing) of Matcha KitKat, including the Otona no Amasa variant, Deep Matcha, and Uji Matcha.

    Korea’s Honey Butter Chips may not seem like much but it was a sensational hit back in 2014 to 2015. One of the bestselling Asian snacks in recent history, these crispy, thin potato chips are sweet, salty, and tangy. The honey butter trend even spurred other honey butter-flavored snacks like almonds, fries, and Pringles.

    Dried or roasted seaweed sheets are not just ingredients in Asian cuisines. They’re also awesome as snacks! Commonly found in Japan, Korea, and China, dried seaweed sheets are crispy, slightly salted (but can also come in other flavours), savoury, and rich in nutrients.

    To the squeamish, dried squid may sound nasty. But really, it’s just like beef jerky. This chewy, salty (and sometimes spicy) snack is a favorite among many Asian countries. it’s healthy, packed with protein, and a great companion to a cold can of beer.

    Established in 2008, Irvins Seafood Restaurant in Singapore was known for its creamy salted egg crab dish. They eventually experimented with salted egg fish skin and salted egg potato chips.

    A salted egg craze soon spread not just in Singapore but in other Southeast Asian countries. And the boom isn’t really surprising, considering how toothsome these crunchy chips are.

    We’ve mostly played it safe with these Asian snacks. But now it’s time to be adventurous. Edible insects, anyone?

    Hugely famous in Thailand, ma laeng tod are deep-fried and crispy edible bugs that are low in calories and high in protein. They’re also surprisingly tasty. Rot duan (bamboo worms), nhon mai (silkworms), maeng da (giant water bugs), maeng pawng (scorpions), and tak ka tan (grasshopper) are common options.

    How about a centuries-old snack? I’m only half-kidding; century eggs don’t actually take hundreds of years to preserve but these savoury Chinese delights date back more than 500 years to the Ming Dynasty.

    Century eggs are duck, chicken, or quail eggs preserved in a mixture of quicklime, clay, ash, salt, and rice hulls for several weeks to several months. The process results in opaque brown-black with a deliciously salty flavour and a mildly funky smell.

    To cap off this list of Asian snacks, here’s a snack that was made in the U.S. but was given multiple Asian twists. Lay’s is a famous brand of potato chips, often with savory flavors like cheese, sour cream, onion, and barbecue. In Asia, bold and interesting flavors include India’s magic masala, Thailand’s green curry, Japan’s nori seaweed, and China’s cucumber.

    What are your favourites from this list of yummy Asian snacks? Leave a comment below!

    And if you want to dive into more snacks from different Asian countries, do check out our list of snacks from Korea, Japan, Malaysia, the Philippines, Taiwan, and Vietnam. Happy reading and snacking!

    Delicious Asian snacks you can buy online – Pin it!

    Asian snacksAsian snacks
    Asian snacksAsian snacks




    James Lindsay is a highly successful Miami-based entrepreneur and the Founder & CEO of Rap Snacks. By partnering with some of the rap game’s most recognizable names such as Cardi B, Migos, Lil Boosie, Rick Ross, Master P and Romeo, the brand has become one of the most visible hip-hop geared snack products over the last few decades. Rap Snacks celebrates its 25th anniversary in 2022.

    A Philadelphia native, James Lindsay graduated from Cheyney University with a Bachelor of Science degree in Marketing.

    He honed his marketing skills while serving as a manager in the consumer products industry for Johnson Products, an ethnic hair care company, and Warner-Lambert. James leveraged his background in the hair products business, tweaked and improved upon it and applied it to the packaged food industry. These experiences, and his desire to own a business, empowered him to start Rap Snacks, Inc. in 1994, a snack foods company that featured hip-hop artists on the brand—the first of its kind in the US. The success of Rap Snacks allowed Lindsay to solidify a co-marketing agreement with Universal Records to advertise Universal’s Artists on all Rap Snacks bags. Eventually the company grew into a $5 million dollar business selling mostly twenty-five cent bags of chips.

    In 2001, Mr. Lindsay expanded his product line by purchasing a snack foods brand called “Mr. G” snack foods. Mr. G was a locally owned Philly brand that was best known for its hot and barbeque cheddar flavored chips. In 2007, Mr. Lindsay launched Soulful Foods, Inc. The first product launched under Soulful Foods, Inc. was a venture between Mr. Lindsay and Sylvia Woods, the “Queen of Soul Food”. In 2010, Mr. Lindsay continued to be a big influence in the music marketing industry; guiding platinum selling recording artist, Meek Mill, by connecting his brand with corporate America and securing brand deals with companies such as, PUMA, Monster Energy Drink, and Ciroc, along with partnering with Monster Headphones to help create the Monster’s 24k Headphones. Mr. Lindsay also assisted Meek Mill in growing PUMA’s business an additional $200 million over a five-year period.
    In 2017, Lindsay began collaborating with Percy “Master P” Miller to expand the product line into foods such as noodles, breakfast cereals, and rice with the creation of P&J Foods, a partnership between the two. Miller is a limited partner in Rap Snacks.

    Most recently Lindsay has branched into beverages, having launched a 5-flavored lemonade line with Lil’ Baby, Oowee Lemonade. Rap Snacks are sold in major retail stores across America, including Walmart, Kroger, Sam’s Clubs, Best Buy and Target stores, among other outlets.

    Over the past 12 years Lindsay has been featured on “CBS Morning Show”, ABC’s “The Jimmy Kimmel Show”, BET, Fox News, People Magazine, The “Tavis Smiley” Show, Black Enterprise, Forbes, and Entrepreneur Magazine. He was also recognized by Business Philadelphia Magazine as “Top 100 People to Watch,” among others.
    Mr. Lindsay’s keen business savvy coupled with his collaboration with A-list talent has made the Rap Snacks brand a favorite among consumers. Rap Snacks: The Snack for the Culture.


  • 40 Grinch Party Food and Drink Ideas – Entertaining Diva

    grinch party food & drink ideasgrinch party food & drink ideasgrinch party food recipesgrinch party food recipesgrinch party recipesgrinch party recipesGrinch party recipe ideasGrinch party recipe ideasGrinch party recipesGrinch party recipesGrinch peppermint cookiesGrinch peppermint cookiesgreen Grinch cupcakes with a heart insidegreen Grinch cupcakes with a heart insidegreen grinch heart sugar cookiesgreen grinch heart sugar cookiesgrinch party recipes 5grinch party recipes 5grinch party recipes 4 2grinch party recipes 4 2grinch party recipes 4grinch party recipes 4grinch party recipes 3 2grinch party recipes 3 2grinch party recipes 2 2grinch party recipes 2 2

    If you’re hosting a Grinch-themed Christmas party and aren’t sure what to serve, we’ve got you covered. With 40 Grinch party food and drink ideas, you’re sure to find some options that your friends will love.

    40 Grinch party recipes - food and drink ideas40 Grinch party recipes - food and drink ideas

    The Grinch is coming to town.

    That means you’re in charge of throwing a Christmas party that won’t be ruined by his shenanigans.

    You want to keep it classy, but also festive and fun.

    And most importantly, you don’t want your guests to go hungry! Or thirsty!

    Don’t worry. We’ve got all the Grinchy food ideas you need for an epic holiday soiree.

    From drinks and appetizers to cookies and desserts, these recipes are easy enough that anyone can make them

    If you’re looking for something specific, skip directly to that section by clicking the link:

    Grinch Desserts

    This post may contain affiliate links. We make a small commission if you buy the products from these links (at no extra cost to you). As an Amazon Associate, I earn from qualifying purchases. But we only recommend products we would use ourselves. For more information, click here to see our disclosures.

    Let’s start with the Grinch dessert recipes.

    Because I’m an “eat your dessert first” kind of person.

    Grinch Cupcakes With A Heart Inside – entertainingdiva.com

    green Grinch cupcakes with a heart insidegreen Grinch cupcakes with a heart inside

    If you’re willing to put in a little work, these Grinch cupcakes with a heart inside, and the Grinch face made with buttercream frosting on top are the cutest Christmas dessert ever! And they look awesome on a Grinch party dessert table.

    Peppermint Grinch Cupcakes – playpartyplan.com

    peppermint grinch cupcakes with red santa hat frostingpeppermint grinch cupcakes with red santa hat frosting

    For a Grinch cupcake recipe that takes a little less work, try this peppermint version. They
    combine an easy cupcake recipe with peppermint buttercream frosted on top to look like the Grinch in a Santa hat.

    Get The Recipe

    Mint & Chocolate Grinch Brownies – shugarysweets.com

    Mint and chocolate Grinch browniesMint and chocolate Grinch brownies

    If you love mint and chocolate together (me!), then you’ll want to try this Grinch brownie recipe. It’s made with green mint ganache and mint Oreos combined with fudgy brownies and red hot candies. Don’t they look awesome?

    Get The Recipe

    Homemade Grinch Brownies With Green Frosting – playpartyplan.com

    grinch brownies 12 of 15 1

    These delicious homemade brownies combine Mint Oreos and a vibrant green chocolate ganache. With the red heart sprinkles they definitely have some Grinch flair.

    Get The Recipe

    Christmas Grinch Fudge – threeolivesbranch.com

    christmas grinch fudge threeolivesbranch 4 1

    This Christmas Grinch Fudge is a simple microwave recipe made with white chocolate that has been colored green. Topped with large red heart sprinkles, it’s a Grinch dessert that everyone will love.

    Get The Recipe

    Grinch Donuts – simplisticallyliving.com

    Grinch Donuts10 scaled 2

    For all the donut lovers! These green donuts covered with green icing and red candy hearts make great Grinch desserts that’ll have everyone coming back for more.

    Get The Recipe

    How To Make Grinch Rice Krispie Pops – ourwabisabilife.com

    grinch rice krispie treats 1

    If you don’t want to do any cooking, you can use store-bought rice krispie treats to put together these Grinch pops. So easy to serve at a party and the kids will love them.

    Get The Recipe

    Grinch Rice Krispies Treats – gracegigglesandnaptime.com

    Grinch Rice Krispies Treats 4 scaled 1

    Or you can use this green rice krispie treats recipe to make them from scratch with a few simple ingredients. Then cut them into heart shapes to go with the Grinch theme.

    Get The Recipe

    Grinch Cookie Recipes

    Now we’re on to the cookie portion of our Grinch food ideas list.

    Because you can’t have a Christmas party without cookies!

    Green Grinch Heart Sugar Cookies (With A Gluten-Free Version) – entertainingdiva.com

    Grinch heart sugar cookiesGrinch heart sugar cookies

    These Grinch heart sugar cookies are super easy to make (there’s no icing involved!). Made with peppermint flavoring and green food color, they look and taste like Christmas.

    Grinch Cookies with Fur Frosting – findingzest.com

    grinch cookies with fur frostinggrinch cookies with fur frosting

    Covered with green frosting that’s made to look like fur, these sugar cookies are so adorable! They’re topped with red ganache hearts in three sizes, just like the Grinch’s heart in How The Grinch Stole Christmas.

    Get The Recipe

    Thick Grinch Cookies – recipesfromapantry.com

    Thick Grinch cookiesThick Grinch cookies

    This Grinch cookie recipe gives you the option of making them with a cake mix or from scratch. So you get to decide how much work you want to do.

    Get The Recipe

    Double-Layered Grinch Sugar Cookies – everydayfamilycooking.com

    Double layered Grinch sugar cookiesDouble layered Grinch sugar cookies

    Try this recipe for the Grinch version of a Linzer cookie. These double-layered cookies are super easy to make and use a cream cheese frosting to hold the cookies together. Yum!

    Get The Recipe

    Cake Mix Grinch Cookies – funcookierecipes.com

    Cake mix Grinch cookiesCake mix Grinch cookies

    Since these cookies are made with cake mix, they are about as easy as it gets to put together. And their green color and red heart definitely looks Grinch-inspired.

    Get The Recipe

    Grinch Snowball Cookies – cookingwithcurls.com

    Grinch snowball cookiesGrinch snowball cookies

    No Grinch cookie collection would be complete without some green snowball cookies covered in white powdered sugar. And this recipe is made with pistachios and cranberries for added holiday flavor.

    Get The Recipe

    4-Ingredient Grinch Cookies – thisvivaciouslife.com

    4-ingredient Grinch cookies4-ingredient Grinch cookies

    Made with only 4 ingredients, these Grinch cookies are super easy to make. And you don’t have to add any food coloring to get them to turn out green.

    Get The Recipe

    Grinch Peppermint Cookies – entertainingdiva.com

    Grinch peppermint cookiesGrinch peppermint cookies

    For a break from all the green, try these red and white slice & bake peppermint cookies. They are easy to make, can be frozen until you need them, and look very festive…the perfect holiday party cookie!


    While Grinch Christmas parties often revolve around desserts, cookies and drinks, you may also want to serve some “real” food.

    Don’t worry! We’ve got you covered, starting with these appetizer recipes.

    Cranberry Salsa Bites – entertainingdiva.com

    cranberry salsa in a Christmas tree serving bowl surrounded by chipscranberry salsa in a Christmas tree serving bowl surrounded by chips

    This cranberry salsa bites recipe is the perfect Christmas party appetizer. It looks festive, tastes great, and can be made ahead of time. And the red color pairs perfectly with all the green food at a Grinch party.

    Easy Avocado Guacamole Dip Recipe – entertainingdiva.com

    avocado guacamole dipavocado guacamole dip

    Another super easy party appetizer that fits right in with the Grinch theme is guacamole. Served with chips or veggies, it’s always a hit.

    Grinch Popcorn – cookingwithcurls.com

    Grinch popcornGrinch popcorn

    Grinch-y green popcorn with red heart sprinkles! Need I say more? This is the perfect finger food for a Grinch party.

    Get The Recipe

    Grinch Chocolate Pretzel Squares – mooreorlesscooking.com

    Grinch pretzel squaresGrinch pretzel squares

    These Grinch pretzel squares are covered with different colors of candy melts to create a Grinch-inspired design that’s easy to serve for a crowd.

    Get The Recipe

    Grinch Pretzel Bites – onmykidsplate.com

    Grinch pretzel bitesGrinch pretzel bites

    Or you can use twisty pretzels with caramel and candy melts to create these easy Grinch pretzel bites.

    Get The Recipe

    Minty Grinch Dip – whoneedsacape.com

    Minty green Grinch dipMinty green Grinch dip

    I’m not sure if this qualifies as a dessert or an appetizer. But in any case, it’s minty, green and made with cream cheese. Which makes it perfect for dipping fruit, cookies or even veggies.

    Get The Recipe

    Salads & Main Dishes

    In case you’re going to be serving a meal at your Grinch Christmas party, here are a few recipes that will fit in with the green and red color scheme.

    Easy Classic Coleslaw – entertainingdiva.com

    Top view of coleslaw recipe in white bowl with tomatoesTop view of coleslaw recipe in white bowl with tomatoes

    While not specifically Grinch-themed, coleslaw is a great salad to serve for a crowd. The cabbage is the perfect green color and it doesn’t wilt easily so it’s a great dish for the buffet table. Add in some red peppers and top with cherry tomatoes to add some extra Christmas flair.

    Pistachio Fruit Salad (or Watergate Salad) – entertainingdiva.com

    Side view of green fluff salad with spoons and cherriesSide view of green fluff salad with spoons and cherries

    This green fluff salad recipe is made with pistachio pudding mix which gives it a green color that is perfect for a Grinch themed party. And it tastes even better when it’s made a day ahead of time. Which is always a party planning bonus in my books.

    Green Burritos – quichemygrits.com

    green burritosgreen burritos

    These Burritos are stuffed with seasoned chicken and an amazing cheese sauce, then smothered with avocado, salsa verde, cilantro and lime. Which meakes them just the right color to add to your Grinch-inspired food list.

    Get The Recipe

    Grinch Waffles – simplisticallyliving.com

    green Grinch waffles with whipped creamgreen Grinch waffles with whipped cream

    Move over boring plain waffles! If you’re planning a Grinch-themed Christmas brunch, then these made-from-scratch green waffles are the perfect addition to your menu.

    Get The Recipe

    Non-Alcoholic Drinks

    Now on to the Grinch drinks, starting with the non-alcoholic ones that everyone can enjoy.

    Non-alcoholic Grinch Punch – simplisticallyliving.com

    Non-alcoholic Grinch Punch - simplisticallyliving.comNon-alcoholic Grinch Punch - simplisticallyliving.com

    This non-alcoholic Grinch punch has a great green color that looks very Christmas-y when poured into a glass rimmed with red sugar. A great holiday party recipe for all ages.

    Get The Recipe

    Grinch Peppermint Hot Chocolate – theparentspot.com

    Grinch Hot Chocolate 2

    This homemade Grinch hot chocolate is made with mint chocolate chips for a fresh take on the winter classic.

    Get The Recipe

    Grinch Float – mooreorlesscooking.com

    Grinch floatGrinch float

    If you love floats, then this Grinch drink recipe is for you! Lime sherbet adds to the flavor and the green color.

    Get The Recipe

    Grinch Hot Chocolate Bombs – julieblanner.com

    Grinch hot chocolate bombsGrinch hot chocolate bombs

    These Grinch hot chocolate bombs are a fun way to serve hot chocolate. Or you can give them away as party favors and let your guests continue the Grinch party at home.

    Get The Recipe

    Dark Green Grinch Hot Chocolate Bombs – downredbuddrive.com

    Grinch hot chocolate bombs with dark green shellGrinch hot chocolate bombs with dark green shell

    Since hot chocolate bombs are so popular, there are many ways you can make them. Including this recipe with a dark green shell that melts into a perfect color for a Grinch-inspired drink.

    Get The Recipe

    Mint and Marshmallow Hot Chocolate Bombs – thesoccermomblog.com

    Mint and marshallow Grinch hot chocolate bombsMint and marshallow Grinch hot chocolate bombs

    Made with mint chocolate and marshmallows, these hot chocolate bombs add a twist to the traditional hot chocolate recipe. And of course some green Grinch coloring to the mix.

    Get The Recipe

    3-ingredient Grinch Punch – 4theloveoffoodblog.com

    3-ingredient Grinch punch3-ingredient Grinch punch

    For a non-alcoholic drink that uses raspberries as its pop of red, try this super easy Grinch punch recipe. Only 3 ingredients!

    Get The Recipe

    Grinch Cocktails

    Last but not least are all of our Grinch cocktail recipes.

    These adult beverages will make sure everyone is getting in on the Christmas spirit.

    Grinch Apple Jello Shots – entertainingdiva.com

    appletini jello shots on cake standappletini jello shots on cake stand

    I never have a party without serving Jello shots. And these apple-flavored ones topped with a strawberry and whipped cream Santa hat are perfect for a Grinch-themed party menu.

    Grinch Jello Shots – thesoccermomblog.com

    peppermint Grinch jello shotspeppermint Grinch jello shots

    For a peppermint flavored Jello shot with a Grinch-inspired red heart, try this recipe that will add an extra kick to your holiday party.

    Get The Recipe

    Apple and Melon Grinch Cocktail – christmascraftsandrecipes.com

    grinch apple cocktailgrinch apple cocktail

    This green Grinch cocktail recipe is made from apple vodka and melon liqueur for a tasty adult beverage that is perfect for a holiday party.

    Get The Recipe

    Fruity Grinch Cocktail – ourwabisabilife.com

    fruity Grinch cocktail recipefruity Grinch cocktail recipe

    This adult beverage option combines orange, melon and pineapple flavors to make a refreshing fruity Grinch cocktail that everyone will love.

    Get The Recipe

    Spiked Grinch Hot Chocolate – cookingwithcurls.com

    spiked Grinch hot chocolatespiked Grinch hot chocolate

    For a Grinch-inspired hot chocolate with a kick, try this recipe that uses white chocolate and your choice of liqueur to customize the flavor to your taste.

    Get The Recipe

    Tropical Grinch Cocktail – shugarysweets.com

    grinch drinks 1

    This fun and fruity alcoholic Grinch Drink is the perfect cocktail recipe for your upcoming Christmas holiday party!! Garnished with orange slices and maraschino cherries, you almost feel like you’re on vacation in the tropics while you’re drinking it.

    Get The Recipe

    Grinch Martini – entertainingdiva.com

    appletini recipeappletini recipe

    While not specifically a Grinch recipe, these apple martinis are the perfect color! Add red sanding sugar around the rim of the glass (instead of green) and you have a great Grinch martini that everyone will love.

    That’s it for my Grinch party food and drink ideas. Hopefully you’ve found some green and red recipes that will make your holiday get-together the talk of the town.

    Other Grinch party ideas you might like

    Have comments or questions about our Grinch party food and drink ideas? Tell us in the section below.

    Sharing is caring!

  • Mott’s Fruit Flavored Snacks, Berry (0.8 oz) Delivery or Pickup Near Me – Instacart


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  • How to become a wedding planner | Prospects.ac.uk

    If you’re creative, able to stay calm under pressure and a brilliant organiser who never misses a deadline you will make successful wedding planner

    Wedding planning sounds like a fun, glamorous and exciting career and often it is. But it’s not an easy job to do. You need to be highly driven and determined in order to succeed.

    What do wedding planners do?

    As a wedding planner you’ll be responsible for organising weddings and ensuring that the day runs smoothly, as well as acting as a calming influence on your clients.

    Professional wedding planners offer several levels of service, such as:

    • Full wedding planning – organise every last detail of the wedding.
    • Partial wedding planning – be responsible for some aspects of the wedding while leaving others to the clients.
    • On-the-day management – provide support on the wedding day itself.

    On a typical full wedding project, you’ll start by discussing your clients’ initial ideas and budget, then make a proposal setting out what you can do and how much you’ll charge for your services (a fixed fee or sometimes a percentage of the total cost of the wedding).

    Once you’re hired, you’ll draw up a masterplan that sets out everything that needs to be done and by what deadline.

    Tasks include coming up with possible themes, suggesting and booking a venue, and negotiating with suppliers such as photographers, florists and caterers – always bearing in mind the amount of money your clients have set aside.

    It’s vital you have a comprehensive knowledge of venues, products and suppliers, so a lot of travel and background research is required.

    In the run up to a wedding you’ll need to be prepared to work long hours, including evenings and weekends – especially in the spring and summer when you’re likely to have multiple projects ongoing. You’ll also attend on the wedding day to oversee the logistics.

    The reward is to see the happy couple enjoying their big day thanks to your planning and organisation.

    Wedding planners are often self-employed and, in this case, you’ll have additional administrative tasks such as your accounts and promoting your services, usually by creating and maintaining a website.


    Do I need specific skills and qualifications?

    There are no particular qualifications required to become a wedding planner – it’s much more important to gain experience. You won’t be hired to plan somebody’s wedding if you don’t have a history of successfully organising events.

    You may be able to get some experience by planning your own wedding or those of friends and family. Another option is to search for local wedding planners and ask them for work experience or opportunities to shadow them.

    While not essential, an academic background in hospitality and event management will help you develop the right skillset. Find out about event management courses at undergraduate and postgraduate level. If you choose the university route, get involved in societies and clubs and be proactive in organising their events.

    For specific tutoring in wedding planning, short and online courses are available through organisations such as:

    If you intend to be self-employed, look for courses that include modules on setting up and running a business. Learn more about self-employment.

    You’ll need to have these key skills if you want to be a successful wedding planner:

    • Calm under pressure – your clients will expect everything to be perfect. They may take some of their stress out on you, or a supplier might let you down at the last minute. You’ll need to able to deal with all of this in a professional manner.
    • Communication skills – you’ll have to advise your clients, but also listen to them. It’s their day, not yours, and your job is to ensure everything is as they want it.
    • Creativity – whatever the theme or style favoured by your clients, you’ll have to be creative and stay on top of the latest trends to put together a wedding to remember.
    • Strong research skills – it’s your job to meet the brief of your client and so it’s important that you know where to look for all the weird and wonderful requests you will have to meet.
    • Entrepreneurial spirit – you’ll usually be responsible for marketing your services and growing your business.
    • Good with money – as well as managing your own finances, you’ll be given responsibility for spending someone else’s money. Staying within the budget you’ve been given is essential.
    • Organisational skills – juggling the many different elements of a wedding isn’t an easy task and you’ll need to be able to stay on top of it all. Not only that, but you’re likely to have more than one wedding on the go.
    • Time management – there’s no stricter deadline than a wedding day, so it’s vital that you can get things done efficiently and effectively to the highest of standards.
    • Tough negotiation skills – being able to haggle down the price with suppliers and venues will ensure you get the best prices and keep your clients happy.

    How do I get a wedding planner job?

    Many wedding planners are self-employed, so it’s not unusual to set up your own practice early in your career.

    However, wedding planning companies do exist and often advertise vacancies on their websites – alternatively you can send a speculative application. Your first job could be as an assistant wedding planner. Search the internet to find relevant companies in your area.

    You should try to get some experience to help you land a job. Offer your services to a local wedding planner or wedding venue, just to get your foot in the door. Show them what you can do and before long, a permanent position will be yours for the taking.

    According to the National Careers Service you can expect an average starting salary of £17,000, which can rise to £29,000 with experience. Your salary will increase as you gain more experience and build your reputation.

    Find out more

    • See what the hospitality and events management sector has to offer.

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    Prospects · February 2022

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