Celebrating 50 Years of the Buffalo: DeVito’s Restaurant – AY Magazine

DeVito’s Restaurant


Harrison’s DeVito’s Restaurant has been an Ozark Mountain tradition for decades, offering upscale dining and rainbow trout fishing at Bear Creek Springs Trout Farm. Serving traditional Italian cuisine, DeVito’s has served people from around the world. 


Originally founded in 1986 by Jim DeVito, a fifth-generation Italian cook, DeVito’s saw instant success from their made-from-scratch meals. Today, DeVito’s Restaurant is owned by DeVito brothers Steve, Chris and Joe, who actively work within the kitchen and on the floor. Bear Creek Springs Trout Farm allows patrons to catch their own rainbow trout, without a limit on catches and no fishing license required. Guests can bring their own tackle or can use tackle available for free with bait, fish cleaning and packing in ice. Guests are only required to pay for their catches, with the option of having their same-day catches cooked at the restaurant during its normal business hours. 


350 DeVitos Loop N., Harrison




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