Certificate in Grant Writing | Certificate in Grant Writing | Signature Certificate Courses | Willamette Valley Development Officers

Learn practical, hands-on grant writing tools and techniques to win proposals and advance your career.

This ten-week tactical deep dive into the realities of grant writing will build your skills and confidence so you can create winning proposals.

Who it’s for: Anyone looking to gain practical, current, and relevant experience in nonprofit grant writing. No previous grant writing experience necessary.

In this program, you will

  • Gain a deeper understanding of the funding landscape, locally and nationally
  • Review current trends in philanthropy and types of grants
  • Learn practical grant writing skills, including prospect research, case statements, need statements, budgets, and submission processes
  • Understand how to work cross-departmentally to create, implement, and report on grants
  • Get real-world experience as you write a proposal

You will graduate the program with a completed, ready-for-submission letter of intent, and robust written materials from which to draw full length proposals.

WVDO reserves the right to postpone, reschedule, or cancel scheduled courses as needed to adjust for enrollment or other unknown issues.