Certificate in Human Resource Management

Are you interested in a career in human resource management or need a stronger background in the context of human resources than in the past? Many organizations now require their human resource staff to hold some type of certification for advancement. This five course certificate, offered by the Isenberg School of Management, can help get you there by giving you the knowledge of some of the various elements of human resource management.


This program is flexible to fit with your schedule yet still thorough in its teaching to give you a leg up in your career. This certificate will instruct you on the key functions of human resource management, including recruiting, training, performance appraisals, motivating employees, workplace communication, and workplace safety and compensation.

Certificate Requirements:

  • MANAGMNT 301 Principles of Management
  • MANAGMNT 314 Human Resource Management
  • MANAGMNT 330 Organizational Behavior
  • MANAGMNT 334 Compensation Administration
  • MANAGMNT 397W Workforce Planning, Recruitment, and Selection

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Sample a Course

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