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Is the Certificate in Wedding Planning the right course for me?

If you love weddings and organise everything to perfection then this could be your perfect course. This is an entry level course designed for those of you looking to gain the fundamental knowledge you'll need to get a job as a wedding planner. Unlike other wedding planning courses out there this course is a qualification which is industry recognised, and will give you the competitive edge when applying for your dream job.

Are the Certificates recognised?

The Academy is a private training organisation and the qualifications offered are both nationally and internationally recognised within the Wedding industry. There are no formal qualifications required to be a Wedding Planner, but studying with an industry recognised company like the Wedding Academy will not only equip you with the skills and knowledge you need to succeed, but also give your future clients confidence that they are hiring a professional.

What are the career options after I graduate?

This course is as great training option for those looking to gain employment within wedding venues or with established wedding planners or agencies. Many of our graduates have done just that and gone on to launch successful careers. If starting a business is your end goal then you need to look at the Advanced Certificate in Wedding Planning, Styling and Business, which also includes the business and marketing training you will need.

When can I start the course?

All our courses are online which gives you the flexibility to learn anywhere and at times that suit you. So you really can fit your course around your lifestyle. Many of our students study whilst having a full time job and/or looking after a family.

Is wedding planning a viable career choice?

Yes! Long gone are the days when people thought wedding planning wasn’t a ‘real’ career. These days couples are more and more aware of the support options out there when it comes to their wedding, and there are plenty of successful planners out there. There is of course competition but by having the knowledge this course gives you, as well as the certification, it helps you to stand out from the crowd.

How long will the course take me?

That really depends on how much time you can devote to your studies per week. There are no set deadlines for the individual assignments. Some students have completed this course in as little as 12 weeks and others have taken the full year allocated for completion.

I have no prior experience of wedding planning. Can I still take the course?

Absolutely! We will start you with the basics and build up from there. Our certificate level courses are foundation courses which start at the beginning and help you to develop your knowledge as you go along.

Will I learn how to start a business?

No. This course focuses purely on learning the skills required to be a wedding stylist. All our business and marketing units are included in our Advanced Certificate in Wedding Planning, Styling and Business.

What support is offered from the Academy?

When you enrol with the Wedding Academy you become part of a community where you receive support not only from the mentor team but from your fellow students as well.
You have access to all the Academy Mentors both through the private Student Facebook Group as well as within our learning platform. Our team of Mentors are based around the world so there is always someone available to help and guide you no matter where you live.

Is there any live training offered?

Yes. Our CEO, Kylie, does a live Q&A each week in our student Facebook Group and there is a live training session each week with one of the Academy Mentors.

Will I receive a Certificate at the end of the Course

Yes. As you work through your course you'll have worksheets to complete that will form part of your final certification assignment. Once you reach the point where you're ready to put everything you've learnt into practice you'll be allocated a mentor who will work with you to help you complete your certification.
You will then receive your certificate and digital badge and officially be a Certified Wedding Planner.