Certificate Program in Graphic Design and Digital Imaging Online | Graphic Design & Digital Imaging Program | UMass Lowell

Certificate programs differ from degrees in that they consist of fewer courses and may be completed in a relatively short time frame. While they do not offer the broad-based knowledge experience that comes from a full degree program, they offer a concentrated selection of courses which, when taken together, demonstrate expertise in a particular area. While admission to UMass Lowell's undergraduate certificate programs usually requires at least a high school diploma or GED® / HiSET,® many adult students who have already earned their bachelor's, and even their master's degrees, choose to pursue short term certificates to supplement their knowledge of a particular topic.


Certificate Requirements

Students enrolled in UMass Lowell certificate programs must complete all courses, generally consisting of both required courses and electives. Students are required to maintain a grade point average of 2.0 or better to receive the certificate. All Certificate courses must be completed within a five-year period.

Students can complete the certificate program at their own pace, enrolling in one or two courses each semester. Courses are available throughout the year, during the Fall (September-December), Spring (January-May) and Summer (May-August) semesters.

Certificate Completion

Upon successful completion of the certificate program, students must complete and submit a
Certificate Petition Form. Once successful completion of the program is verified, certificates will be mailed to students. Receipt of the certificate will be noted formally on the student's transcript with an award date of October, February or June.