Chandni Chowk Restaurant

Our Story


Pakistani foods are known for their spicy flavors and world renowned taste. Our rich and delicious cuisine based upon a long historical tradition of cooking excellence, and has been evolving and changing since ancient times. Various conquerors from all over the world brought with them, their ethnic flavors to our cuisine. Our Pakistani cuisine is one with rich depth. In addition to barbecue, it offers a multitude variety of kebabs, curries, vegetables, rice dishes, and much more. Our Pakistani curries are subtle and aromatic, yet not over-spiced. Every region of Pakistani has its own ingredients, which makes traveling throughout our country a gourmet’s delight.

In regard to a precise cooking method, we have perfected different styles of cooking for hundreds of different food items in order to maximize and enhance the most wonderful flavors. Kababs and tikkas have to be cooked on the grill; rice must be prepared in a certain way, karahi in another. Not only is the cooking method considered, but even cooking utensils and their materials are pre-determined for specific use and effect. Tandoori dishes Naan and Roti are some variants of wheat breads. Usually, food in Pakistani is served with rice or Naan, or both served along with a main course dish and two or more side dishes. Kheer and Zard are some of the traditional Pakistani deserts and are popular amongst kids and grown-ups alike.

Among the beverages, chai and lassi are the top flavors. All of these features and different traditions were combined to make Pakistani food the way it is today; ABSOLUTELY DELICIOUS.