Chase Club | St. Louis Restaurant – Gastropub Cuisine

02:23 01 Sep 22

This is an upscale hotel restaurant with a great patio. Being able to sit outside in the city without being bothered by car noise is something you don’t get often. They resourcefully use a fountain splashing into the pool as a way to add white noise over the traffic noise. Genius! The cocktails and food is also excellent and the staff was very friendly. I really liked the tuna poke appetizer which was way more than I expected. The burger was good, the fries so so, which made me glad that I placed an order for a side salad instead. Did to a mistake I was served fries, thus I had to at least try them before the salad arrived. And here I was, proud to forego the fries and yet got beat by the system. I only ended up trying a few, though.