Chase Finance Auto Loan Reviews 2022 | Credit Karma

My vehicle was in a collision with a bear and was determined a total loss by My insurance company. Insurance called JP Morgan Chase, got the payoff amount and the address to send the check, on 5/27/22. on 6/14/22 I get a letter from Chase stating I am behind on my auto loan. I verify with insurance that the check was sent and called Chase. The third representative told me that the check was received 6/6/22 but I would need to be transferred to the loss department of Chase due to an issue. That person told me that the check was lost and he had placed a work order to have it investigated. When I informed my insurance of that they said the check was already cashed and they had received the check back. So I called Chase back again, and they put me on hold to call my insurance company. When they got back on the line they stated that my insurance had sent the check to the wrong address, my insurance had provided them a copy of the check, and they were opening an investigation. I should hear from them soon. 6/21/22 I get a letter from Chase requesting I send them a copy of the check my Insurance sent them. I call Chase to ask what is going on and the representative tells me that the work order that was placed in previously was mishandled and he was re-submitting the work order more detailed and would follow up to make sure it is handled properly. I vent my frustrations to him that this process is taking too long and I am wondering if I should seek legal counsel. I was told that was my choice but processes like this with a vehicle total loss can take up to 3 months and to blame my insurance company for sending it to the wrong location. I instruct this person that my insurance company retrieved the address from Chase and that a representative told me that Chase had received the check on June 6th, which he confirmed and all they had to do was credit it to my auto loan and this would be done with. He then admitted that the Check was received but was deposited in the wrong trương mục, and would be fixed soon. So done With JP Morgan Chase, I will never use them again and I encourage others to do the same.