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Looking for cheap car insurance rates but don’t want to skimp on quality coverage and service? It’s possible with Dairyland®. We’ve been helping drivers like you since 1953, offering affordable rates, flexible payment plans, low down payments, exceptional service, and reliable customer support—regardless of your financial history or unique challenges.

We understand that money back into your pocket means a smoother road ahead. So, as you shop around and compare insurance providers, be sure to get a free car insurance quote to see how much you can save with a Dairyland auto insurance policy!

Learn about additional cheap car insurance coverages

Want more than cheap, minimum coverage? We’ve got options beyond liability that won’t break the bank—even if you’re considered high risk with not-so-perfect credit, violations, license penalty points, no prior insurance, you’re a young driver, or you’ve got a foreign license.

Our affordable car insurance coverage options—subject to state availability—include:

  • Physical damage: Collision and comprehensive
  • Uninsured/underinsured motorists
  • PIP (personal injury protection)
  • Non-owner insurance for an affordable coverage alternative
  • SR-22

Need more information as you search for the cheapest car insurance rates possible? Call us at 888-344-4357 to speak to a friendly customer service representative, get everything you need, and start your quote for affordable auto insurance to see what you can save today.

Insurance can be overwhelming, and we don’t want you to feel that way. We’re here to help you as you make the best, cheap auto insurance policy decisions for your unique lifestyle and finances.