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Quality Service for Today’s Fast-Paced World

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Auto, Motorcycle, Renters Insurance – Atlanta, GA

Customers of the Month

Founded in 1993, Peachstate Insurance (known by our clients as “The
Peach”) has offered high quality insurance to individuals, families and
small business owners from all walks of life. From the beginning, our
focus has been providing fantastic customer service across North Georgia.
Whether you have a squeaky-clean driving record or a very unfortunate
driving record, Peachstate Insurance is here to make sure you find the right
coverage for
motorcycle, and
renters insurance

at the right price.

To provide optimum coverage at the best possible cost, our agency has
focused on three objectives:

  1. Build strong working partnerships with Georgia’s leading
    insurance providers.
  2. Study and train within our field to be certain we offer
    you the highest standard of customer care.
  3. Utilize all available technology to optimize our goal of 24/7

Peachstate Insurance works with a wide variety of top insurance carriers
to find clients the best price for their budget. We’ve served twenty-seven
communities across North Georgia including
Macon, Cartersville, Douglasville, Savannah, metropolitan

and everywhere in between.

Agents at Peachstate Insurance will educate you about Georgia’s insurance
requirements for trucking, renters, RVs and more so you
can make an informed decision about your policy.
We also provide competitive non-standard/SR-22 car insurance for
drivers without a license, a suspended or revoked license, drivers with
a bad driving history and multiple accidents, drivers with lapses in
coverage, DUIs, and new drivers. At the Peach, we don’t want to simply sell you insurance; we want to
build a long-lasting relationship by offering affordable, reliable
insurance to all our clients.

Peachstate is so grateful for its wonderful customers! We thank you for
considering Peachstate Insurance for your life-long insurance needs. Call
us at 877-99PCHST (877-997-2478) or come on down to
any one of our offices to get started today!

So Sweet at the Peach. Right Coverage. Right Price. Right Down the