Chef John’s Cheesy Crackers

We made these tonight and they were awesome!!! It was so simple and also so very easy & fun to do! What I find so ironic is that my 11 yo who doesn’t like cheese of any kind to such a degree that we have to clarify NO CHEESE! on his burger when we are out to eat & wants his home made pizza made w/o cheese. (Huh?!!!!!) My other kids loved cheese so much that I could get them to eat just about anything if it had cheese in it or on it! My picky eater LOVED it so much that he’s requesting this as his everyday snack at school! It didn’t hurt that we made it together tonight either. It was a fun and a very easy recipe to do with kids. The video helped guide us to make sure we were on track. I’m looking forward to mixing up the recipe w/ different spices and cheeses as Chef John suggest. This is definitely worth giving this recipe a try!!