Chemistry Courses

Whether you have always wanted to be a chemist or need science credits for a different program, you will learn a lot in Johnson County Community College’s Chemistry program.

What will I learn about Chemistry at JCCC?

Chemistry is the study of matter and its properties. Because everything that occupies space and has mass — from a single atom of carbon to a complex polymer — is composed of matter, chemistry is essential to understanding and improving our lives.

The composition of substances from a fairly small “alphabet” of about 100 elements is responsible for the diversity and beauty of the material world. In JCCC’s Chemistry courses, you will learn about how these elements react and some of the rules that govern their chemical and physical transformations.

Like all science-based disciplines, chemistry builds essential life skills, including how to:

  • Think critically and objectively about your world
  • Make informed decisions about the products you buy
  • Understand current events, especially relating to energy production, the environment and new technology
  • Analyze real-time data from hands-on laboratory experiences

JCCC has a variety of Chemistry courses to choose from. Depending on which Chemistry class you enroll in, you may learn any of the following:

  • Scientific calculations
  • Basic chemical concepts
  • Foundations of chemistry, theories of chemistry and chemical principles
  • Concepts of inorganic chemistry
  • Concepts of organic and biochemistry, including carbohydrates, proteins and enzymes
  • Chemical reactivity, kinetics and equilibrium
  • Acid-base chemistry, chemical thermodynamics and nuclear chemistry

Why JCCC's Chemistry program?

JCCC offers a range of Chemistry classes to meet your experience and interest. Choose from introductory chemistry courses or more advanced organic or biochemistry courses, many of which are offered in three different class formats to best suit your needs: face-to-face (on campus), online, and a hybrid format.

You can choose from classes that match your interests and educational goals. Interested in a career in chemistry? Build a strong foundation at JCCC before you transfer to a four-year school to pursue a chemistry major. Chemistry majors and students interested in other science majors can fulfill introductory course requirements at JCCC.

Non-science majors can earn science and lab requirements and transfer these credits to a four-year university to apply to your bachelor’s degree.

Most JCCC Chemistry classes are approved by the Kansas Board of Regents to transfer to many four-year programs, including all Kansas public postsecondary institutions.


  • Smaller class sizes mean more individualized attention from your Chemistry professors.
  • Lectures and labs are taught by Chemistry professors who are experts in their fields.
  • Fully equipped science labs are comparable to those found at four-year schools.
  • Free tutoring for all Chemistry courses is available in the Science Resource Center.