Cherry Blossom Chinese Restaurant

Diet Menu

* spicy; dishes in this section are cooked with less oil

Steamed Vegetables

chinese vegetables steamed with a side of chef’s brown sauce. excellent dish for the health conscious.

Mixed Veg. W/ Garlic Sauce*

fresh chinese vegetables cooked in chef’s spicy garlic sauce. a customer favorite.

Moo Shu Vegetables

a do-it-yourself dish. wrap freshly steamed pancake around cabbage, bamboo shoots, and mushrooms in hoisin sauce.

Broccoli W/ Garlic Sauce*

fresh crowns of broccoli sauteed with chef’s spicy garlic sauce.

Sauteed String Beans

fresh string beans stir-fried with carrots in chef’s brown sauce.

Buddha’s Delight

sauteed in chef’s special brown sauce are mixed chinese vegetables. great vegetarian dish.