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Named after the bohemian freethinkers of the 1950s and ’60s, Beatnik West Town offers guests an exotic escape with progressive, globetrotting food and cocktails paired with a luxurious Old-World design. Created by Maison Bonhomme, Beatnik captures this worldly spirit by taking guests on a voyage through a series of vignettes that marry the bucolic splendor of a Mediterranean farmhouse with the colorful opulence of Moorish architecture and the tropical lushness of Bali.

Mirroring Beatnik’s design-through-storytelling aesthetic, Bonhomme Group’s Chef/Partner Marcos Campos takes guests on a journey without borders, playing with flavors and ingredients from the eastern Mediterranean to South America, North Africa and the Middle East. Once presented on the large tables paired with pillow-strewn wood daybeds, the mezze and feast dishes from the open kitchen create an international dinner party experience. Cocktails are inventive and colorful, often finding inspiration in ingredients from the kitchen, creating a harmonious relationship between what’s being served on the plates and in the glasses. Exotic garnishes follow a no-waste sensibility utilizing ingredients found in the cocktails they adorn.

Beatnik’s contrasting styles and textures feature antique pieces from around the world and more than 400 living plants throughout the 6,000-square-foot, 174-seat space. Expanding on the definition of what a Chicago restaurant should and could look like, our vast collection of exceptional antiques was carefully curated over two years, and when coupled with custom-designed pieces, push the boundaries of maximalist restaurant design in Chicago. Some of the most dazzling design features include 15 massive crystal chandeliers salvaged from the ballroom of a historic Los Angeles hotel, a 100-year-old 40-foot-wide by 10-foot-tall carved teak Balinese façade, a 1920s Art Deco Parisian bar, 20 cast-iron “teardrop” 1970s Chicago streetlights, and a monumental 30-foot-wide by 13-foot-tall 1930s pine cabinet from a spa in Salsomaggiore (Parma, Italy).

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