Chicken, Waffles and Nas: Meet Sweet Chick Founder, John Seymour | SUITCASE Magazine


in New York as a child of Irish immigrants, the Sweet
Chick founder John Seymour grew up on stews and roasts.
After-school hangs with his father, a bartender, meant homework
time was fuelled by homemade burgers consumed barside.

Today, John Seymour’s food staples (and palette) have realigned.
At Sweet Chick, his New York-based fried-chicken joint, the
hallmark dish is fried chicken and waffles drenched in maple syrup.
A plate linked to the South, its origins can be traced to the
African-American jazz clubs of New York’s

That tidbit, and many other foodie facts, was gathered while
taste-testing Sweet Chick’s lengthy menu ahead of it’s London
launch. Read on for more chicken-related content (don’t even
pretend that’s not a regular in your Google search).