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China Pearl Restaurant Review:

This cavernous room painted in reds, golds and muddy pinks that looks more like a 1970s banquet hall than a restaurant is a dim sum lover’s discovery. While the dinnertime Cantonese menu is Chinatown-status quo at best, the midday dim sum service is a veritable institution, particularly in regard to the seafood buffet that boasts a good version of clams or mussels with a tangy black bean sauce. Dozens of dishes are available, offered to you by a smiling staff who wheel the savory wonders around on noisy metal carts. There is a traditional menu of boneless spareribs, Peking ravioli and chicken fingers, but nice finds such as Singapore noodles, Hong Kong beef filet, soft shell crab, shrimp shu mai, devilishly sweet barbecued pork buns, fried prawns (head and all) and eggplant with garlic sauce are more rewarding.