Chinese Food Open on Christmas Day

If there was ever a year to call off the bells and whistles of Christmas dinner, it’s 2021.

Enjoy the day off, instead, by kicking back and letting someone else do the cooking. Whether you’re stuck alone or just don’t want to cook for your family or roommates this year, we’ve got you covered with these spots for Chinese Food Open on Christmas Day, found with the help of our friends at Yelp.

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Contributed by Lainey Gonzales


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Photo via Lin

1203 W 6th St

Infamous for their Soup Dumplings, Lin’s upscale offerings are equally as delicious as they are healthy. Inspired by beloved recipes from her Grandmother and the fresh, local ingredients of Austin, Head Chef Ling has created a menu that is centered on organic Chinese cuisine. If you want a Christmas dinner that will be kind to your taste buds and your body, order from Lin.

“Talk about taking soup dumplings to the next level…Instead of popping the normal size dumplings whole into your mouth, these supersized dumplings require you to break into them like a bank and steal all the broth with your spoon! Go go go!” – Elite Yelper Vince P


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6801 Airport Blvd

We were so happy to find that this Highland institution will be open on Christmas Day for takeout. Who needs Mom’s Green Bean Casserole when you have China Family’s Fried Green Beans? With two locations and a budget friendly menu, picking up China Family guarantees Christmas cheer for all.

“I love this place! I especially like the vegetarian dishes—griddle fried cauliflower, vinegar leavened cabbage, dry fried green beans. The fried dumplings are terrific.” – Yelper Steve D


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Photo via Instagram

4805 Burnet Rd

The bad news? Old Thousand is closed on Christmas Day. The good news? Their sister restaurant on Burnet, Dope Chinese, will be open for takeout for limited hours. You can pre-order a ‘Super Dope Family Pack’ which includes their classic Mongolian Beef and Tso Chicken. Keep an eye out on their website for all their Holiday specials for carryout and pre-order only for Christmas Day.

“This place was…well, dope. The food has well known staples of Chinese food, but the execution is one of a kind! They put twists on your familiar favorites to make the dining experience interesting.” – Yelper Noah F


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10901 N Lamar Blvd

Listen, we weren’t all meant to be master chefs. If you’re feeling the pressure to deliver a perfect Christmas meal, North Lamar’s First Chinese BBQ is here to help you out. Treat you and yours to their incredible Roast Duck (a la ‘A Christmas Story’) or their signature Beef Flat Noodles.

“Legit Chinese food! Anytime you see roast ducks and roasted pig hanging when you walk in, you know you’re in the right place.” – Yelper Jerry L


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8557 Research Blvd #110

Knowing that this cult favorite will be open on the 25th is the ultimate Christmas miracle. We can’t get enough of their homemade noodles and dumplings. Not to mention their prices are the perfect antidote to our aching post-holiday shopping bank accounts.

“These noodles are hand pulled and roughly chopped. Lots of northern Chinese specialties like lamb skewers and scallion pancakes, not just your typical (American) chicken and beef dishes.” – Yelper Sarah T



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Photo via Instagram

500 W 5th St.

Want something a bit more lavish than your average Chinese takeout? Book a reservation at Wu Chow this holiday season. This farm to table favorite is known for their dim sum and dreamy cocktails. Don’t feel comfortable eating in dining rooms? You can grab your order to go on Christmas Day if you place it in person.

“Everything we had was full of flavor and packed with heat… My favorites were the scallion hugging beef and the dan dan noodles. I definitely recommend, especially if you like spicy food.” – Yelper Kimberley R


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Photo via Instagram

8650 Spicewood Springs Rd 114 A

This North Austin joint is well worth the drive. Their Sichan Zhong dumplings, Mapo Tofu, and Eggplant with garlic will keep all your troubles out of sight this Christmas. Plus, their generous serving sizes ensure that you will be having leftovers as a perfect midnight snack.

“Their Szechuan food is authentic. The spicy fish filet is probably one of their most popular items and one I would recommend. We also really enjoyed the green beans; they have just the right amount of bite to them and are well seasoned.” – Elite Yelper Lan Anh V


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Photo via Instagram

4534 West Gate Blvd

For our readers that live further south, Sichuan River has a great menu of classic Chinese dishes. Trade in turkey and gravy for their Dan Dan Noodles and Hot and Sour Soup. Whether you’re looking to get away from the family or you’re still hungry after your holiday feast, Sichuan River’s kitchen will be ready and open on the 25th.

“I had the dry pot chicken, and, had I been wearing socks, they would’ve been knocked clean off. Shiitake mushrooms, celery, zucchini, green peppers and fresh cut jalapeños anchored a generous portion of tender chicken and a unique palette of flavors unlike much of the Americanized Chinese food I’d previously had.” – Elite Yelper Kip S


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