Chinese State-Owned Enterprises – U.S. Trade with China: Selected Resources – Research Guides at Library of Congress

Call Number: HC427.95 .Z435278 2017

ISBN: 9781138810242

Since the reform and opening up period, the world has witnessed a transformation within China. This transformation has led millions out of poverty within China and has in recent years seen China as an important and vital engine of economic growth for the rest of the world. While China has made great strides in embarking on the road to a market economy, this book emphasizes that transformation within China to market-driven development is far from over. In this book, Zhang puts forward the idea that the reform in China has now reached a crossroads. The next steps have a bearing not only on the sustainability of past reform but even on whether China will become a veritable world power in the future. With the reform at this pivotal juncture, this book explores further reform within China and examines how the reform debate will develop. The Road Leading to the Market is a highly readable collection of essays which will appeal to researchers and students of China’s economy and a globalized economy.