Chocolate Lovers: Go to Chocolate Secrets. Now.

Whether your aim is to satisfy a fiendish cacao craving or impress a date, a trip to Chocolate Secrets will do the trick. A stunning array of hand-painted bon bons will dazzle you at the door, but the real secret is that this Oak Lawn chocolatier offers much more than just chocolate to savor. With café seating, late hours and jazz nights, it’s the perfect after-dinner destination.

Here, you can stretch out an evening any number of ways. Play eeny-meeny-miney-moe at the chocolate counter and pair an assortment of flavors such as strawberry balsamic and rosemary caramel with some wine, coffee or an affogato. If you have somehow found yourself at a place called Chocolate Secrets but aren’t in the mood for chocolate, check out the gourmet ice cream bar, stocked with unusual flavors such as saffron or lavender. A variety of cakes, including Hungarian fruit-filled cream cake and red velvet, are also on the menu. A Champagne sorbet float adds a celebratory flourish to any night.

For something more unusual, try the KürtOOO. Advertised as the “legendary Transylvanian treat,” the spiraling pastry is made fresh Fridays and Saturdays. Also referred to as “chimney cake,” varieties include glazed, walnut, toffee, coconut and cinnamon.

Grab a friend and venture forth soon. This is one secret that shouldn’t be kept to yourself.  

Live jazz and blues evenings: Wednesday through Saturday, 7 p.m.-11 p.m.