Choose the best healthy snacks to give your puppy

So, you’ve just adopted a new puppy, and they are lighting up your life! But along with all the joy of a new puppy is a lot of responsibility. Once you adopt a puppy, you become responsible for its health and well-being. This is why tons of dog owners are constantly searching for healthy snacks and treats for their dogs.

While store-bought and mass-produced treats are a convenient option, some of these treats have harmful additives that aren’t good for your dog. So, if you’re looking to keep your pup in the best condition possible, it’s essential to feed them natural and healthy snacks.

In this article, we take a close look at four different healthy snacks for your puppy, the health benefits they offer, and how to feed them the treats. Read on to learn more.

Four healthy snacks for your puppy

Here are some of the healthiest snack options you can prepare for your puppy from the comfort of your kitchen!


Most of us have vivid memories of our parents telling us to eat carrots because they are suitable for our eyes. But on top of promoting good optical health, these can also be great tasty treats for your puppy! Since carrots have a natural sweetness to them, dogs love munching on them.

Carrots include vitamins that boost your dog’s eyesight and overall health. Specifically, carrots have vitamin E and K, which are great for promoting blood clots so that wounds will heal quickly. Carrots also have a fair amount of vitamin B vitamins, which is why it’s excellent for their eyesight.


There are many health benefits for dogs eating pumpkin, and one of the best benefits is that it promotes good digestive health. Pumpkins are packed with fiber, which can help dogs digest different foods. Additionally, many puppies enjoy the taste and texture of pumpkin, especially when it is cooked and pureed.

If there are no additives in the can, you can feed your dog pumpkin puree straight from the can. But since it’s loaded with fiber, make sure to only mix one to two spoons of pumpkin puree into your puppy’s food. Too much fiber can cause an upset stomach, diarrhea, and vomiting.

Another reason pumpkin is an excellent snack for puppies is that even the seeds are healthy! However, when it comes to pumpkin seeds, you have to make sure to clean, peel, roast, and grind them before feeding them to your dog. That way, you can easily mix it into their dog food.


A favorite snack for humans, apples also offer a wide range of benefits for puppies. One of the reasons dogs love apples as a treat is because of their taste. They have natural sugars in them that make them very sweet and tasty. They also have a fair amount of vitamins A and C, which are great for your dog’s health.

If you plan to feed your puppy apples, you have to make sure to prepare them properly. Start by peeling it then removing the core and seeds, as these can be toxic for dogs. From there, you might also need to slice the apple into smaller pieces to reduce the risk of choking. And while apples are delicious snacks for dogs, since they have a significant amount of sugar, make sure to only feed it to them in moderation.


Just like apples and many other fruits, bananas have a natural sweetness, which is why many puppies love munching on them. Bananas are high in magnesium, which helps promote good bone health. On top of that, bananas are a very common fruit that is available in most grocery stores.

However, bananas are very sweet due to their high sugar content. Too much sugar can be bad for puppies, so only feed your dogs bananas in moderation. One or two bananas a week should be the limit for puppies, and it’s always best to peel and cut the fruit up into bite-sized pieces before feeding.

Tips for feeding your dog fruit and vegetable snacks

Here are some essential things to keep in mind when giving your dog new treats and snacks from the kitchen;

  • Start by feeding your puppy small amounts and observing how they react
  • Only feed treats in moderation
  • If you notice any adverse effects, observe your dog further and contact your vet
  • Cut up large fruits and vegetables into bite-sized pieces
  • Always consult your vet before introducing new food to your dog’s diet

Provide healthy snacks for your puppy

So, those are some of the best healthy snacks that you can start feeding your new puppy today. These options are great for dogs, but keep in mind that every puppy has their unique tastes. What might work for one dog might not work for yours and vice versa.

There’s no reason to rush when trying to add new healthy snacks to your dog’s diet. You can always start slow so that their palette and stomach get used to the food. And if they have adverse reactions and don’t enjoy the food, stop feeding it to them immediately and try out something new.

As a pet owner, you are responsible for your puppy’s health. And one of the best ways to keep them in the best shape and condition possible is to feed them healthy and natural snacks.