Choosing Courses

Your Questions Answered

For more advice on choosing your courses, check out the Advising Student Handbook, and particularly the following pages:

Additional Resources for Choosing Courses

Unsure how to navigate among all your course choices?  This video presentation by your Academic Advisors will help you get started!

Introductory Seminars (IntroSems) offer small-group courses taught by esteemed faculty to frosh and sophomores. Class sizes are small, with priority given to those who apply in advance.  

Want to learn more about a particular course?  This archive allows you to read past and present course syllabuses posted by faculty.

Explore courses taught by award-winning faculty from departments across campus.

Interested in studying the humanities and arts, but don't know where to begin? Browse our list of Gateway Courses in the Humanities.  You can also find humanities courses by typing the special tag HUMSCI::humanities directly in the search bar of ExploreCourses.

Explore traditions, texts, ideas, intellectual and literary history around the world. 

This interactive tool from the School of Engineering shows some common pathways to starting different majors in science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM).

Check out courses that will teach you the fundamental principles of public speaking.