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Choosing Courses to Explore Your Academic Options

Choosing Courses to Explore Your Academic Options

Undeclared students often ask, “Which courses should I take while I’m exploring my options and making decisions about my major?”

You should take the courses in majors that best match your interests and skills.  Each department at the College recommends specific courses for students who are considering a major in that department.  Be careful in your selection, however.  These may differ from courses that interested students may take as electives but that do not fulfill requirements for the major.

This listing should provide some help in selecting the courses you want to explore before you declare a major.  Always confirm your choices with your advisor before you register.

Major: Exploratory Courses for the Major

Accountancy: ACC 203 Financial Accounting

American Studies: AMS 101 Introduction to American Studies

Art & Art History:

  • Art History – ARH 106 Art History Survey
  • Studio Art – ART 101 Visual Design I, ART 111 Drawing I, or ARH 106 Art History Survey

Biology: BIO 103-104 General Biology I & II

Chemistry & Biochemistry

  • CHM 101-102 General Chemistry or CHM 121-122 Introduction to Chemistry,
  • MTH 131-132 Calculus and Analytical Geometry I & II

Creative Writing: ENG 175 Introduction to Literature or ENG 185 Creative Writing

Computer Science: CSC 103 Computer Science I

Economics: ECN 101 Principles of Economics: Micro or ECN 102 Principles of Economics: Macro


  • Elementary/Special – EDU 125 Introduction to Communication Development and Disorders in Children or EDU 221 Introduction to Characteristics of Individuals with Special Needs
  •  Secondary – EDU 201 Educational Psychology

English: ENG 175 Introduction to Literature

Engineering/Physics: Fall semester – EPS 101 General Physics I, EPS 131 Introduction to Engineering*, MTH 131 Calculus and Analytical Geometry I, MTH 132  Calculus and Analytical Geometry II, & ECN 101 Principles of Economics: Micro

(*1 cr. seminar taken as a 5th course.)

Finance: ACC 203 Financial Accounting, ECN 101-102 Principles of Economics: Micro & Macro, MTH 108 Mathematics for Business Analysis II

Foreign Language Study: See Placement Test results or department

Global Studies: GST 101 Introduction to Global Studies

Health Policy & Management: HPM 101 The American Healthcare System

History: History electives are chosen in consultation with a member of the History faculty.

Humanities: ARH 106 Art History Survey, selected English Literature, Foreign Language, and History courses

Management: ACC 203 Financial Accounting, ECN 101-102 Principles of Economics: Micro & Macro, MGT 101 Principles of Business Management

Marketing: ACC 203 Financial Accounting , MKT 205 Principles of Marketing, ECN 101-102 Principles of Economics: Micro & Macro, MTH 108 Mathematics for Business Analysis II

Mathematics: MTH 131 Calculus and Analytical Geometry I, MTH 132 Calculus and Analytical Geometry II or MTH 223 Calculus and Analytical Geometry III

Music: MSC  201-201L Theory I & II, Ensemble & Lesson sign up in Music department office

Philosophy: PHL 103 Introduction to Philosophy

Political Science: PSC 101 Politics

Psychology: PSY 100 Introduction to Psychology, PSY 303 Learning, any 300-level PSY course

Public & Community Service: PSP 101 Introduction to Service is Democratic Communities, PSP 202 Foundations in Organizational Service

Social Science: Any introductory-level course in the social science departments (e.g. PSP 101, ECN 101 or 102, HIS 103, LIN 201, SOC 101, PSC 101, PSY 100, WMS 201)

Social Work: SWK 101 21st Century Social Work, SWK 253 Human Behavior Through the Life Span, SWK 254 Human Behavior and Social Systems

Sociology: SOC 101 Introduction to Sociology, SOC 304 Social Movements, SOC 305 Race and Ethnic Relations, SOC 307 Urban Sociology, SOC 323 Contemporary Social Problems, SOC 324 Sociology of Women and Men in Society, SOC 333 Environmental Sociololgy, SOC 335 Human Relations in Business, SOC 340 Organizations in Society

Theatre: TDF 105 Stagecraft, TDF 109 Introduction to Acting, TDF 201 History of Fashion Design and Costuming, TDF 202 History of Theatre, TDF 205 Theatrical Production

Theology*: THL 200 Foundations of Theology- Available after 1 semester of DWC

Women’s Studies: WMS 101 Introduction to Women’s Studies