CHRIS’S RESTAURANT, Wilmington – Tripadvisor Reviews

We ate here at lunchtime. We were immediately met by server at the table, asking our drink orders. When she returned with those she took our order. Then she returned back with plate of biscuits and butter. Then we noticed we had no silverware. I…had to flag the server down and ask for silverware. After several minutes she brought them to the table and said she had to roll up the silverware in the napkins. Upon bringing our food, I flagged her down again and asked for refill on tea. She acknowledged me but never brought the refill to the table. By that time when I finished my meal I was ready to just pay and leave. As I waited patiently for the lady to come to the cash register, then the server came up with two to go teas and said she was sorry she forgot to bring the tea to the table. I ate the pork cutlet which was not bad. It had brown gravy on it and was served hot. My date had a chicken dish that he did not care for. He said it was just baked chicken with some kind of lemon gravy sauce just poured on it. Anyway, my biggest complaint was the poor service. They were not that busy with customers at the time we were there. There was a young child there that obviously was a member of a workers family and seemed to be where all the attention was, as she was following along behind the server. With a 93 grade, we do not plan to go back.