Christmas Decorating Ideas for Restaurants, Christmas Restaurant Decor

Christmas Decorating Ideas for Restaurants

If you’re trying to add some festive fun to your establishment this holiday season, look no further than these Christmas decorating ideas for restaurants. Nothing is quite as comforting in the winter months as a cozy and warm environment to dine in, and these ideas are sure to look good, keep the holiday spirit alive, and bring a competitive advantage to any restaurant. 

From decoration trends to restaurant-wide themes, there’s plenty of ways to hone in on that snug hospitality, and some of these decorating ideas can help you choose the perfect atmosphere for your establishment.

Christmas Restaurant Decor

An appealing Christmas restaurant decor layout is a sure way to not only increase customer traffic, but to keep them engaged in the holiday spirit. Since foot traffic tends to increase during the holiday shopping rush, having an eye-catching, photo worthy front display can draw in potential patrons before even stepping foot inside. Some ways to add a wonderful front display for the holiday season include:

  • Entryways –

    What better focal point than having decorations right at the restaurant’s entrance? Bordering a doorway with just two small Christmas trees, real or fake, can give customers a sense of holiday essence when stepping inside. Going for something more


    ? Sometimes the more engaging the better – like a fun Santa Claus statue or a snowman figure, which can draw people in for pictures or give them a laugh.

  • Outdoor Decor

    – Spicing up the outdoors can let people know exactly what to expect when they step inside. Whether it’s bordering the building in lights or a garland, adding wreaths, bows, or snowflakes to windows, or providing some jolly music for passersby, the way you draw attention makes all the difference. 

  • Menu Displays

    – It’s no secret that having an enticing menu display can show a lot about your establishment, as it’s often a person’s first engagement with the location. Jazzing up these displays during the holidays, whether it’s on the menu or around it, can add to the festive flare and that first interaction. 

Indoor Christmas Decoration Ideas For Restaurants

Establishing a dazzling indoor scene and style is easily the most important part of decorating for the holidays. Knowing what theme to choose or how to pair themes accordingly, however, is sometimes a challenge. Here are some great styling ideas for Christmas decorations in a bar or restaurant:

  • Keeping With Tradition

    – Holidays are built upon tradition, and keeping up with the primary aspects of Christmas is always a safe bet. Standard red and green colors can work exceptionally well in a multitude of different styles and themes to cement that holiday spirit. Consider running garlands along bar edges or support beams, and pattern in some red ribbons or flowers such as poinsettias. Christmas trees are also a sure way to bring life to a holiday atmosphere. Top that bad boy with an elegant ribbon, and use colorful bulbs to make it pop. White lights are a fantastic contrast to these traditional reds and greens, and can be decorated right along with these garlands and trees.

  • Rustic Trends

    – Implementing a rustic theme to your establishment can certainly invoke feelings of warmth and comfort. Take inspiration from farmhouses or resort lodges, and add natural elements to pre-existing decorations. Put in some pinecones or faux berries onto that garland, or accent your table settings with cedar and oak wood for things like napkin holders, placemats, and centerpieces. Even tossing in some barrels, boxes, or planks made from aged wood can draw in some allure.

  • Modern Always Works –

    Not every establishment is looking for an old-fashioned setting, and modern Christmas decorations are perfectly suitable for new-age restaurants or gastro pubs. Modern trends seem to keep a minimalistic approach, while incorporating more captivating features. Consider some metallic orbs, festive porcelain figurines, or frosted tree or garland displays. Use plenty of whites, golds, silvers, and blues to really capture the tone.

  • Lighting

    – Ambience is crucial in setting the atmosphere, and knowing how to pair your lighting with these decorations is huge.

    Christmas light decorations for restaurants

    should aim to complement, not overpower. While adding lights onto garlands, trees, support beams, or ceilings can definitely add to the atmosphere, going overboard can end up looking tacky. Find that balance, and sparkle up that ambience.

  • Furniture

    – Consider adding some colorful cushions onto your furniture, or go big and add some bucolic chairs and benches to your space. During the holidays, wooden chairs and barstools can greatly complement other decorations, and bringing in some new pieces may pay huge dividends.

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