Ciro’s – Phantom Gourmet

Can’t find a half-decent Italian restaurant on the North Shore? That’s what you’ll find at Ciro’s in Winchester– a half-decent Italian restaurant.


Newly redecorated, with lots of white tiles with black and red accents. High-tech futuristic Italian.


Standard Italian menu. Plenty of pasta, pizza, and calzones available. Quality lunch menu with 6 pasta specialties and 6 sandwiches.


Satisfying amounts of chicken and shrimp, but the Phantom can never quite understand why he can’t get a huge amount of pasta at a place like this.


Uninspired antipasto. Solid garlic bread. Decent minestrone soup.

Food and Drink(7)

Nothing outstanding here. Pollo griglia (chicken with eggplant and peppers) comes in a very Ragu-like sauce. Linguine with shrimp diavolo is OK, but nothing to write home about.


Limited choices. But enjoyable and silly dessert pizza– sweetened dough with seasonal fruit.


The wait staff tried hard, but failed to clear the dishes in a timely manner– major Phantom pet peeve.


Bright and clean, recently refurbished windows sparkling.


Downtown Winchester– on street parking can be a bit chancy.


Average entree $10-12. Chicken parm with pasta $11. This place defines the term “Phantom MEZZA-MEZZA.” It’s OK, decent, average, so-so, or whatever else you want to call it.

Total Score: 73