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With over two hundred years of experience, Citibank has had time to cultivate a booming financial business, and today, with a loan portfolio consisting of billions of dollars, the company plays a significant role in meeting the personal financial needs of consumers across the globe.

With such a significant presence in the banking and credit card market, it’s likely that you’ve come across a Citi product at some point, but with so many other loan products available, is a Citibank personal loan right for you?

In this review:

Applying for a Citibank Personal Loan

Citibank provides three ways for borrowers to apply for loans: online, over the phone, or at a local branch. While borrowers can use any of those methods to apply for a loan up to , borrowers who wish to borrow a higher loan amount must apply by phone or by visiting their local branch.

All online applications must be completed through a registered citibank tài khoản, and applicants who do not have an online tài khoản must register for one prior to completing the online application.

Citibank personal loans are available from to ; however, eligibility and the application process depend in part on how much you wish to borrow. Applicants that would like to borrow between $2,000 and $12,500 can do so by utilizing any of the application methods, including the Citibank website. Additionally, borrowers who wish to apply for loans under $12,500 are not required to have a Citibank deposit tài khoản.

If, however, you wish to apply for a loan for more than $12,500, you must have a Citibank checking tài khoản that has been open and funded for at least thirty days.

Citi Personal Loan Eligibility Requirements

To be approved for a Citibank loan, you must have an annual income of at least . Additionally, Citibank also considers a variety of other factors, including the requested loan amount, your credit score, and your debt-to-income ratio. While the lender does not reveal specific requirements or limits regarding these factors, most approved applicants have good or excellent credit.

If approved for a personal loan, funds can be received in as little as one business day, depending on the time of day your loan is approved, how you’d like to receive your funds and your proximity to a Citibank branch. If you’d like to receive funds via mail, or if you don’t live near a branch, Citibank can usually overnight a check.

Citi Personal Loan Rates, Terms, Fees and Limits

If approved for a Citibank personal loan, you can currently expect to receive an interest rate between and , with a repayment term of up to . Interest rates are based on a variety of factors, including your personal credit history, the loan amount, and the loan term. On some occasions, borrowers may receive lower rates if they are Citibank customers and if they choose a shorter repayment term.

Unlike some lenders who occasionally add on a variety of one-time or annual fees, Citibank personal loans do not come with application, origination, or yearly fees, and borrowers are not penalized for early repayment.

In addition to a personal loan, Citibank also offers a variety of similar lending products, though they aren’t considered installment loans. However, borrowers may also want to consider the following products.

Checking Plus Line of Credit

Available for up to , the Checking Plus Line of Credit is designed to offer Citibank checking customers with overdraft protection, though it can also be used as a traditional revolving line of credit. In order to prevent customers from bouncing checks, this line of credit will cover the overdraft as well as any fees up to the approved limit.

Borrowers are currently charged a variable annual percentage rate starting at , and interest is only applied to the total amount used — not the total amount of credit available.

Custom Credit Line

The Custom Credit Line, which can range from to , is designed to help consumers with major expenses, like home improvements or weddings, as well as debt consolidation efforts. Similar to the Checking Plus Line of Credit, interest is only applied to the existing monthly balance, and borrowers can currently expect variable rates between and .

Benefits of a Citibank Personal Loan

With a quick online application process, applying for a Citibank personal loan is quite easy, and thanks to the application’s quick turn-around time, once approved, funds (even those sent via mail) can be received as soon as the next business day and typically within at least 48 hours.

Additionally, with a maximum loan amount for existing Citibank customers, some borrowers may find that a personal loan through Citibank will grant them access to more funds when compared to personal loan products offered by other traditional lenders.

Also, with no origination, application, or annual fees, some borrowers may find that rates, though not ultra competitive, end up being more affordable if compared to lenders that do charge an array of fees.

Downsides of a Citibank Personal Loan

Though prime applicants can receive lower rates on loans, when compared to some other lenders, Citibank doesn’t always offer the most competitive rates.

Furthermore, while some borrowers may not find a significant difference in rates and terms, one thing that may be a deal breaker is Citibank’s BBB rating, which is currently an “F.” Many customers suggest that there is a deep-rooted customer service issue that results in poor or inconsistent information or problems and concerns that go unaddressed, both during and after the application process.

Finally, if you aren’t a Citibank customer and need to borrow more than $12,500 or need funds immediately, the thirty-day, funded tài khoản requirement may prove to be problematic. The same is true if you would prefer to have your funds delivered electronically, an option that is limited.

Bottom Line

If you’re an existing Citibank customer with excellent credit and you need a loan fast, Citi has potentially competitive rates and can originate funds quickly.

However, potential applicants should shop around and compare the best personal loans, as lower rates do exist. Further, before committing to this loan, customers should also consider Citi’s frequent poor customer reviews.

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