Cities With the Most Michelin-Starred Restaurants

Cities With the Most Michelin-Starred Restaurants

Foodies flock to these cities filled with award-winning cuisine.

Which Cities Have the Most Michelin Stars?

Hong Kong Michelin restaurant

If you’re a foodie at heart, it only makes sense that you would plan your travels around cities with some of the most exquisite restaurants in the world. One way to organize your trip? Rely on the respectable Michelin Guide.

A leading voice in the world of fine dining, Michelin bestows its coveted stars upon a select few establishments with the most outstanding cuisine, service and ambience in the world. The distinctions are one star (high-quality cuisine that’s worth a stop), two stars (excellent cooking, worth a detour) and three stars (exceptional cuisine worth a special trip). 

So who has the most Michelin stars? These are the top 21 cities for dining. No. 1 should be on the bucket list of any traveler with a passion for haute cuisine.

21. Brussels, Belgium (Tie)

Brussels dining scene

One-star restaurants: 11

Two-star restaurants: 4

Three-star restaurants: 0

Total stars: 15

*Note: All numbers are based on the Michelin Guide 2021.

Michelin Restaurants in Brussels

Eggs mimosa with mushrooms at Bon Bon, Brussels

Though Michelin hasn’t awarded the prestigious third star to any Brussels restaurants this year, that doesn’t mean you should sleep on Belgium’s capital city, which has earned a total of 15 Michelin stars.

One of Brussels’ four two-star restaurants is Bon-Bon, located in a beautiful house in a tree-lined residential neighborhood on the southeast edge of the city. The walls of Bon-Bon are tastefully covered with pieces created by artist Jean-Francois D’Or, with innovative menus ranging from $88 to $280.

“I dream up my recipes by bringing ideas together and drawing on the vicissitudes of life, playing with all the permutations and turning them upside down,” Bon-Bon chef Christophe Hardiquest has said.

21. Macau (Tie)

Night view of  Macau

One-star restaurants: 7

Two-star restaurants: 5

Three-star restaurants: 3

Total stars: 15

Michelin Restaurants in Macau

Puff pastry purses stuffed with river shrimp at the 8 Restaurant

Across the South China Sea from Hong Kong you’ll find Macau, which is often referred to as the “Las Vegas of China.” Be that as it may, Macau also has some incredible restaurants, with a total of 15 Michelin stars.

Located inside the Grand Lisboa Hotel is The 8 Restaurant, one of the city’s three-star venues. The 8 provides an intimate setting for tasting Cantonese cuisine, including more than 40 kinds of dim sum at lunch and dinner entrees ranging from stir-fried lobster to roasted pork belly with shredded jellyfish.

While you’re dining, you’ll have a chance to relax in the luxuriant dining room, decorated by famed Hong Kong designer Alan Chan. His design approach centers on the number eight, which represents wealth, and the goldfish, which represents energy.

19. Rome (Tie)

Rome sunset over Tiber and St. Peters Basilica at the Vatican in Italy

One-star restaurants: 14

Two-star restaurants: 1

Three-star restaurants: 1

Total stars: 16

Michelin Restaurants in Rome

La Pergola Rome restaurant

Is it possible to have a bad meal in Rome? Probably, but you’d be unlucky to find it. Still, even in the Italian capital, some restaurants reign supreme. And if you want fine dining, one wears the undisputed crown: La Pergola.

La Pergola is located inside the Rome Cavalieri, a Waldorf Astoria hotel. Everything in the restaurant exudes exclusivity. The view of the city is unparalleled, the interior is adorned with pieces such as an 18th-century candelabra and hand-blown glass by Emile Gallé, and dishes are served on Sèvres porcelain. 

The menu is impeccable, but it is somewhat overshadowed by the 70,000 bottles-wine cellar and the 45 types of waters you can choose from.

19. Zurich (Tie)

Munsterhof Square, Zurich=

One-star restaurants: 12

Two-star restaurants: 4

Three-star restaurants: 0

Total stars: 16

Michelin Restaurants in Zurich

Meal at Rico's restaurant in Zurich

Zurich is simultaneously one of Europe’s most livable cities and one of its most underrated destinations.

With 16 Michelin restaurants, you have plenty of options for fine dining in Switzerland’s capital of the hip and young. For a classic French cuisine experience, head to Pavillon. But if you want a restaurant that fully embodies the spirit of Zurich,, go to Rico’s instead.

Fun, modern and experimental, Rico’s is located inside a beautiful historic building. The contrast perfectly summarizes the city itself, whose medieval core hides artist’s studios, student projects and dance clubs.

18. Lyon, France

Trinity town square in Lyon, France

One-star restaurants: 14

Two-star restaurants: 3

Three-star restaurants: 0

Total stars: 17

Michelin Restaurants in Lyon

La Mere Brazier restaurant dessert

Lyon is often called the gastronomical capital of France, with regional food like chicken liver tart, and is believed to represent the best of French gastronomy. 

Two of the three two-star establishments in the city — Le Neuvième Art and Takao Takano — offer creative modern cuisine. And while they’re definitely deserving of their accolades, we would recommend Mère Brazier for its focus on traditional French and Lyonnaise cuisine.

In true French fashion, ingredients are fresh and local.

17. Barcelona, Spain

Placa Reial, Barcelona

One-star restaurants: 11

Two-star restaurants: 6

Three-star restaurants: 2

Total stars: 19

Michelin Restaurants in Barcelona

ABaC squid with black rice

If you’re planning a trip to Spain, you’ll want to venture into Barcelona for a few hours — or at least for dinner — so you can visit one of the many restaurants to earn Michelin stars (19 in total!).

At the top of the Barcelona food scene are Lasarte and ABaC. Lasarte first earned its third Michelin star in 2017. The restaurant, which was recently renovated, is located on Barcelona’s popular Paseo de Gracia. On the tasting menu, you’ll find dishes like wagyu and glazed eel ravioli, squid tartare and crayfish and ginger.

ABaC is even newer to the three-star club, having first earned its third Michelin star in 2018. Chef Jordi Cruz is at the helm of this contemporary restaurant, which offers a traditional and an avant-garde tasting menu, depending on your preferences.

16. Chicago, Illinois

Chicago Riverside

One-star restaurants: 15

Two-star restaurants: 4

Three-star restaurants: 1

Total stars: 20

Michelin Restaurants in Chicago

Alinea Osetra Caviar

The Windy City doesn’t mess around when it comes to food, earning an impressive 20 total Michelin stars.

When you’re done visiting the Bean and the Magnificent Mile, consider treating yourself to dinner at three-star restaurant Alinea, which has held that distinction for over ten years. Best known for its helium-filled, green apple dessert balloon (complete with edible “string”), Alinea intrigues diners with its playful approach to food in the city’s popular Lincoln Park neighborhood.

Led by chef Grant Achatz, Alinea’s tasting menu often includes a trip to the kitchen to see where the magic happens.

15. Madrid, Spain

Plaza Mayor in Madrid Spain

One-star restaurants: 15

Two-star restaurants: 5

Three-star restaurants: 1

Total stars: 21

Michelin Restaurants in Madrid

DiverXo restaurant in Spain

Spain has some of the best food in Europe — and, let’s be honest, the world. Of course, its incredible capital would have over 20 Michelin starred restaurants. 

Madrid’s sole three-star restaurant, DiverXo, is described by Michelin critics as “pure hedonism!” and makes it a point to make fun of itself by being purposefully basic. For instance, it serves some of its dishes on wrapping paper that has “xo” printed all over it, as a wink to both its name and the “Gossip Girl”-y “xo xo,” which in text language means “hugs and kisses.” 

DiverXo clearly likes to joke about its image, adding pictures of punks, clowns and Voldermort-esque villains on its website rather than the typical images of beautiful-looking dishes. Still, the restaurant very much does care about its image, un-ironically calling videos of its artistically staged meals “canvases.”

This contradiction between an “Emily in Paris” self-proclaimed basicness and a hipster unawareness of the parody it becomes of itself is actually part of the DiverXo experience. 

That and the delivery of delectable dishes is what brings people to the restaurant.

13. Berlin, Germany (Tie)

Berlin Strandbar

One-star restaurants: 17

Two-star restaurants: 5

Three-star restaurants: 1

Total stars: 23

Michelin Restaurants in Berlin

Red beets with caviar and chives cream at Restaurant Tim Raue

You’ll only find one three-star restaurant in this historic German city, but there is plenty of top-notch food to sample during your stay. In total, Berlin has 23 Michelin-starred restaurants.

Michelin’s anonymous reviewers enjoyed their time at Restaurant Tim Raue, one of five two-star restaurants, where you’ll find dishes like wasabi langoustine, miso duck liver and Wagyu beef chili.

The city’s sole three-star restaurant, Rutz, also has a Michelin Green Star, which recognizes sustainable gastronomy. Its simple, modern interior is the perfect setting for the complex yet puristic menu. You have set menus of six or eight “experiences” rather than courses, and they include dishes like “a childhood,” made with memory bean, cabbage and pork.

13. Washington, D.C. (Tie)

Connecticut Avenue, D.C.

One-star restaurants: 19

Two-star restaurants: 3

Three-star restaurants: 1

Total stars: 23

Michelin Restaurants in Washington, D.C.

Ravioli at The Inn at Little Washington

Despite being a meeting point for people from all over the world who come for business, temporary government jobs or to take up permanent residency, Washington, D.C., is still not recognized for its culinary offerings. 

Hopefully, landing at 13th place for the most Michelin restaurants, D.C. will get its due. Diners can choose from 23 restaurants, including Tail Up Goat, a one-star venue that is one of the most affordable Michelin restaurants in the U.S.

But if you want the best in the city, try to get a reservation at its only three-star restaurant, The Inn at Little Washington. Though not technically in the city, the restaurant has become legendary in the D.C. dining scene. Michelin critics accurately describe it as resembling “a jewelry box lined with patterned carpets, lush wallpaper, heavy drapes and bejeweled upholstery.” 

The three menus focus on a different experience, from seasonality to experimental cuisine to vegetarianism. 

12. Bangkok, Thailand

Wat Arun, Bangkok,Thailand

One-star restaurants: 24

Two-star restaurants: 6

Three-star restaurants: 0

Total stars: 30

Michelin Restaurants in Bangkok

Thai copper pod curry at R-Haan

Not too long ago, Bangkok didn’t even make it into the top 15 countries with the most Michelin-starred restaurants. In the past few years, the city has burst into the world of fine dining with a dizzying force. 

You won’t find three-starred restaurants, but the handful of two-starred ones will more than satisfy you. We recommend leaving the European-inspired food for later and focusing on the joys of Thai cuisine at R-Haan. 

The restaurant’s menu takes inspiration from various regions of Thailand as well as Royal Cuisine. Food is seasonal and constantly changing, but it’s always locally sourced and fresh.

11. San Francisco, California

Mission Dolores Park, San Francisco

One-star restaurants: 21

Two-star restaurants: 7

Three-star restaurants: 3

Total stars: 31

Michelin Restaurants in San Francisco

Saison restaurant in San Francisco

When it comes to cities with amazing food, history and outdoor recreation options, San Francisco is pretty hard to beat. In fact, there are a total of 31 Michelin-star restaurants across the San Francisco area.

Three restaurants have been awarded the highest praise. Of these, we most highly recommend Atelier Crenn, which sources many of its ingredients from its own regenerative farm. Each dish is impeccably presented and perfectly balanced for a playful contrast of flavors and textures.

There are an impressive seven restaurants with two Michelin stars here, the most of any U.S. city. One of those pedigreed spots is Saison, which diners say maintains an unpretentious attitude, despite its many accolades. Chef Joshua Skenes does all of his cooking over an open food fire, sourcing the restaurant’s ingredients from many distinct microclimates. 

10. Seoul, South Korea

Samsung Plaza Shopping Mall, Seoul, South Korea

One-star restaurants: 24

Two-star restaurants: 7

Three-star restaurants: 2

Total stars: 33

Michelin Restaurants in Seoul

Soy-caramel ice in Jungsik, Seoul

Perhaps unsurprisingly, Korean cuisine is what Seoul does best. Nearly all of the top-rated restaurants in this city offer traditional or contemporary Korean fare. Visitors, not to mention the roughly 10 million people who live in South Korea’s capital, have almost three dozen fine dining options to choose from, with restaurants in Seoul earning a collective 33 Michelin stars.

At Jungsik, one of Seoul’s two-star establishments, the kitchen is led by chef Jungsik Yim, who is widely credited with bringing contemporary Korean cooking to the country. Yim traveled the world to gain culinary experience, training at several top restaurants in New York and Spain before opening Jungsik in 2009. Michelin’s judges apparently really love Yim’s approach to cooking, as they’ve also awarded two Michelin stars to the New York version of his restaurant.

For a three-star experience, make a reservation at Gaon. Rooted in traditional Korean cuisine, the restaurant’s clean and simple aesthetic allows you to focus on the complex flavors of this delicious gastronomy.

9. Shanghai, China

Shanghai Yuyuan garden

One-star restaurants: 37

Two-star restaurants: 8

Three-star restaurants: 2

Total stars: 47

Michelin Restaurants in Shanghai

Ultraviolet restaurant Candle in The Wind

Shanghai is another Asian city with an incredible dining scene. The city is home to restaurants that have earned a collective 47 Michelin stars.

Chefs in Shanghai are particularly unafraid to take risks. Case in point: Paul Pairet and Greg Robinson at Ultraviolet, which first earned its third Michelin star in 2018.

Ultraviolet is more than a restaurant. It’s a totally unique experience involving taste, sight, sound, smell and touch. There is space for only 10 diners at the restaurant, which features LED floor strips, lights, projectors, infrared cameras, a surround sound system, air blowers, laser speakers and other technologies.

Guests pay from $600 to over $1,000 for this extraordinary mash-up of fine dining and entertainment.

8. Singapore

Singapore Marina Bay

One-star restaurants: 41

Two-star restaurants: 5

Three-star restaurants: 3

Total stars: 49

Michelin Restaurants in Singapore

Caviar in Odette, Singapore

Widely considered one of the best food cities in the world, Singapore boasts 49 Michelin stars in total.

One of Singapore’s three-star establishments is Odette, an intimate venue located in Singapore’s National Gallery in what used to be the registration room of the Supreme Court. This modern French restaurant is named after chef Julien Royer’s grandmother, who taught him how to cook as a child. Royer has integrated other sweet, meaningful touches throughout the dining experience.

“I remember the long, slow simmering of the red currant jam (Odette) would make, adding vanilla and juniper berries — this perfumed the entire house,” he told Post Magazine. “I’ve kept this memory in my heart for many years, and so it’s a small gift we give to diners when they come to Odette — a jar of red currant jam, to show them where I’m coming from.”

6. London, England (Tie)

Soho, London

One-star restaurants: 52

Two-star restaurants: 8

Three-star restaurants: 5

Total stars: 65

Michelin Restaurants in London

Ravioli of lobster at Restaurant Gordon Ramsay

Gordon Ramsay remains the king of the London restaurant scene, along with chefs Alain Ducasse and Hélène Darroze. All three have earned three Michelin stars for their respective restaurants. All told, London has 65 Michelin stars.

If you’re curious to see whether Gordon Ramsay’s famous bad-tempered rants are justified, head over to Restaurant Gordon Ramsay, where you can’t go wrong with the lobster ravioli.

But if fame means little to you, we recommend dining at Hélène Darroze at The Connaught, where everything from the menu to the interior to the plates are delicately and minutely executed. Unlike most Michelin-star restaurants in London, this venue does not focus on international food, but rather on the (much-maligned) culinary traditions of the United Kingdom.

6. New York City, New York (Tie)

Little Italy in Manhattan, New York

One-star restaurants: 48

Two-star restaurants: 12

Three-star restaurants:

Total stars: 65

Michelin Restaurants in New York City

Eleven Madison Park tomato with berries and basil

When you visit the city that never sleeps, you may find it difficult to choose between the various highly acclaimed restaurants. New York City is home to a total of 65 Michelin stars, including five three-star selections — the most out of any U.S. city.

If you’re looking for a culinary experience that also highlights some of the city’s architectural history, consider visiting Eleven Madison Park, a three-star standout located in a 90-plus-year-old, art deco skyscraper that overlooks Madison Square Park.

Owned by chef Daniel Humm and restaurateur Will Guidara, Eleven Madison Park is known for being extremely accessible. Visitors are encouraged to sit at the bar for just a drink, or to enjoy a shortened version of the tasting menu for under $200.

5. Hong Kong

Hong Kong at night

One-star restaurants: 52

Two-star restaurants: 12

Three-star restaurants: 7

Total stars: 71

Michelin Restaurants in Hong Kong

Wagyu beef at Amber restaurant, Hong Kong

With a total of 71 Michelin stars, Hong Kong clearly stands out as one of the world’s best cities for fine dining. The city also has a number of restaurants on the prestigious Asia’s 50 Best Restaurants list in 2021.

Among Hong Kong’s must-visit eateries is two-star restaurant Amber, led by chef Richard Ekkebus and pastry chef Michael Pretet. The contemporary French restaurant has a wine list featuring more than 1,100 labels and treats diners to dishes like Miyazaki wagyu beef strip loin with seaweed powder, dried red onion skin, red pearl onions and black currant in a shiraz reduction.

One of the most memorable features of dining here is the restaurant’s chandelier, featuring 4,320 bronze rods dangling from the ceiling.

4. Osaka

Late-night dining in Osaka, Japan

One-star restaurants: 82

Two-star restaurants: 11

Three-star restaurants: 3

Total stars: 96

Michelin Restaurants in Osaka

Shellfish foam and vegetables in Hajime, Osaka

With 96 total stars, Osaka is the first, but not the last Japanese restaurant on this ranking.

One of Osaka’s stellar restaurants is Hajime, which first earned its third Michelin star in 2018. Led by chef Hajime Yoneda and pastry chef Yuko Uchida, Hajime’s menu explores nature, earth and space, as well as philosophical questions about life’s true meaning.

Hajime has a standard tasting menu, as well as a short tasting menu and a vegetable tasting menu, all of which will set you back over $300. One of the most popular dishes at Hajime is called “chikyu,” which means “planet Earth.” The dish, meant to represent both the land and the sea, features a shellfish foam and more than 100 vegetables, herbs and grains.

2. Kyoto (Tie)

Sannen Zaka Street in Kyoto, Japan

One-star restaurants: 83

Two-star restaurants: 19

Three-star restaurants: 6

Total stars: 108

Michelin Restaurants in Kyoto

Sweetened grilled fish in Isshisoden Nakamura

If you’re planning a visit to Japan to sample some of its best cuisine, you’ll want to add Kyoto to your list of must-visit cities. Kyoto, with a population of roughly 1.4 million people, boasts 108 Michelin stars.

Isshisoden Nakamura, one of Kyoto’s six three-star restaurants, is a sixth-generation establishment with roots dating back to 1827. Chef Motokazu Nakamura says he likes to put a contemporary spin on traditional Kyoto techniques and ingredients, “passed down from generation to generation.”

A standout dish at the restaurant is shiro-miso zoni, a Japanese rice dumpling soup with white miso. 

2. Paris (Tie)

Paris restaurants

One-star restaurants: 88

Two-star restaurants: 11

Three-star restaurants: 9

Total stars: 108

Michelin Restaurants in Paris

Epicure restaurant, Paris

Known for being one of the best food cities in the world, Paris ties for second place with Kyoto with 108 Michelin stars. Paris boasts nine three-star restaurants within its city limits, including Épicure.

Decorated with quintessential French elegance, the restaurant is located at the Bristol Paris hotel and overlooks a garden that generously blooms in the spring. The menu is unapologetically and almost purely French. 

As the restaurant claims itself, the “macaroni stuffed with black truffle, artichoke and duck foie gras, gratinée with aged Parmesan is an unforgettable dish that people travel to Paris to experience.”

1. Tokyo

Iakaya restaurants in Tokyo, Japan

One-star restaurants: 150

Two-star restaurants: 41

Three-star restaurants: 12

Total stars: 203

Michelin Restaurants in Tokyo

Torched anano at Ryugin, Tokyo

Who has the most Michelin stars? Tokyo reigns supreme when it comes to Michelin stars, blowing all other cities out of the water with an astonishing 203 total stars, 95 more than its closest rival, Paris. The capital of Japan has 12 restaurants with three Michelin stars (the most of any city in the world), plus dozens of other top-notch eateries to choose from.

One of the city’s best restaurants is three-starred Ryugin, which has been led by esteemed chef Seiji Yamamoto since 2003. The restaurant creates memorable dishes using seasonal produce, seafood and meats.

On the menu, you’ll find pheasant, wild duck, Japanese pigeon, wild boar, brown bear and a seasonal sashimi platter. Before you visit, be sure to take a peak at the restaurant’s website, as there are some strict rules regarding attire, cell phones, cameras and even perfume.