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To be truly honest I never thought I was gonna get coverage for my/our car with my fiancée. We were having lots of trouble finding a good and affordable Insurance. All of those big very well know Insurance Companies didn’t help much. Our quote were extremely high do to the fact that my fiancée is 19 years old and barely got her license last year. She really insisted me that she wanted to be involved in everything which was something that I really didn’t mind about. She wanted to be added in the insurance policy and that was causing us big time problems to the point where I kinda lost hope on insuring our car. I’m 21 years old and also got my license last year(2019) so that played a big factor in the coverage we wanted as well. When I found out about Clearcover and started doing a quote online, I couldn’t believe, I was afraid because I got my hope extremely up when I saw the price after I added my fiancée as a driver. I had to call to make sure the prices were right but when Laura , I believe is her name told me that that was the actual price I almost fainted but I didn’t, I got soooo happy and thank God after it because Clearcover was able to give us an affordable price on our coverage and I loved the professionalisms they have at the moment they talk and the patience they have to explain everything. I truly recommend Clearcover to all my people, it’s a legit team! Thanks Clearcover!