Coin Master download – Android, iOS, and Switch

With over 100 million downloads worldwide, Coin Master is a hugely successful and massively addictive adventure game that lets players spin, attack, and raid their way to the top of being the best Viking village around.

If you’re new to the game or just looking for a way to perform a Coin Master download on iOS or Android, we’ve put together everything you need to know to get stuck into it right now. The big draw of Coin Master is the use of slot machine mechanics without the need to spend any real money. If that’s not thrilling enough, spins mean prizes whether that’s a wealth of loot to spend on your village, more attack time in battle, or shields to protect your precious land.

Whether you’re playing with friends or going it alone, there are millions of Coin Master fans around the world waiting to fight, trade, and befriend you. The aim is to build strong villages and level up to make sure you come out on top.

So, here’s how you can get it downloaded on Switch or mobile.

The Coin Master logo against a blue background

How do I download Coin on Switch?

Coin Master is exclusively on mobile meaning you, unfortunately, can’t play it on Nintendo Switch. Fear not though as there are plenty of alternative titles just like Coin Master that can be enjoyed from our best games like Coin Master on Switch and mobile guide.

How do I download Coin Master on iOS or Android?

As an exclusive game to mobile, it’s easy to download and play Coin Master on iOS and Android. Simply visit the App Store or Google Play depending on your software and click on the link to download the game directly to your phone. While the game itself is free-to-play, the ability to have more spins can set you back £1.99/$1.99 for 30.

Fear not though, as we’ve put together a guide on how to get Coin Master free spins, tips, and codes meaning you can get much more play time past the point of your daily free spins. It’s also worth checking out our Coin Master free cards and Coin Master free coins guides for even more rewards, because who doesn’t love a freebie?