Coin Master MOD APK v3.5.520 [Unlimited Spins / Coins] – AndyMod

Coin master is an arcade game involving spins, looting, upgrading, forging an empire and much more. It allows you to connect to Facebook and play with your friends. You need to spin a wheel to decide your destiny, you can attack other players, plunder gold, etc.

What is the game?

This game is addictive and you get into a race to reach at the top as soon as possible. You have a village that you need to upgrade with the help of coins, there are different levels, on every level, there is a different style of village waiting for you.

When it comes to coins, you can earn them either by slot machines or plundering other villages.

You need to collect a set of cards to move on to the next village, rewards keep on increasing with every village you conquer.

What is Coin Master Mod version?

There is a mod version of this game available, it allows you to have unlimited coins and spins, which makes the gameplay quite easier. It gives you an ace over other players playing this game. You can easily reach to the top and become the Coin Master with the help of this version.

Features of the mod version

  • If you want to earn lot of money than you can do that by spinning wheel every day. Spinning the wheel everyday you can also get a chance to earn shields, coins, attack time and gold. You can level up more and build your villages much stronger by these freebies.
  • Shields can help you in protecting your village from an attack by other Vikings. Your chances of becoming coin master increases as long as you protect and build your village properly.
  • You can also attack your friend’s village and loot their villages if you want to earn more treasure and cards.
  • If some other Viking has attacked you then you can easily check out his or her village and take your revenge by attacking and looting their village.
  • The best part of this mod is that it is totally free with no in-app purchases.

If you are looking for a pirate style fighting game than this game is by far the best in its class. And with its mod version you can easily get unlimited money, coins and free spins. It is one of the best arcade games available on the play store.