Colette Restaurant – Davis – LocalWiki

c612536b26ca742b1fd04b2b00fff3d5departed business that has closed or left town. All information here is for historical reference only.


Former Location

802 2nd St.: Now the home of Urban Body

Former Owners

Tom Fries

Business Lifespan

Date range, i.e. 1980’s-1996?

Chef Tom Fries ran the only 4 star restaurant in town. Reviewed by editors at the SF Chronicle and Sacramento Bee, Tom and his hardworking crew served the finest ingredients freshly prepared to the packed crowds. Customers regularly endured cramped conditions and late reservations to sample Tom’s Duck with Raspberry Sauce or the selection of mushrooms in the Woodcutters Stew. Known as well as having the finest wine selection as well, many of the loyal enologists form UC Davis could be seen entertaining visiting dignitaries. You can still sample some items from the Colette menu by visiting the deli area of Nugget Market. Tom is still producing some of the most innovative ready to take home selections in the nation.