Colonial Tramcar Restaurant Tour of Melbourne

Don_R, Feb 2018

This is really more a dinner on an old fashioned dining car than a Tour of Melbourne. There is no explanation of anything during the ride so yes, you do see parts of Melbourne, but you have no idea of where you are or what you are looking at. There is no tour guide or leader.
The food was the lower end of business class on an airline. The wines that were offered were not very good.
The write up said the attire was smart casual. There were a number of people who dressed nicely for an evening out and others were in flip flops, shorts and tee shirts. Don’t state that you have a dress code if it isn’t going to be enforced.
Lastly we were seated in a tram car where everyone else was from a Chinese tour group. It was so loud that we couldn’t even hear each other across the table.
In summary, one would be better served by picking a restaurant that one wanted to eat at and separately go on a proper sightseeing tour with a guide.