Com Tam Thien Huong: Grilled Pork Perfection

Com Tam Thien Huong is another very popular Vietnamese rice plate restaurant in San Jose. With three locations to choose from (all within 3 miles of each other), it’s clear they’re doing very well for the area.

Unlike Com Tam Dat Thanh, Com Tam Thien Huong branches out in a couple of ways.

1) They serve one of Northern California’s best renditions of Nem Nuong Cuon or grilled pork spring rolls. Many people visit just to order the appetizer.

2) Their grilled pork, which serves as the foundation for their spring roll, is also served on their rice plates and their sandwiches next door. The meat is lean, juicy, and flavorful and is my favorite grilled pork of any place I’ve been.

3) As a very busy establishment, all their rice toppings are extremely fresh and remind me of what a home-made version would taste like. The fresh steamed egg cake and the lean and high quality shredded pork skin are the standouts. Com Tam Thien Huong may not have the variety or the sugarcane shrimp and fried bean cake of Com Tam Dat Thanh, but what they do have is excellent.

Overall, if broken rice is something you’ve tried and you want to try more, Com Tam Thien Huong is a great place that satisfies.