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Commercial Hoods

A commercial hood is a kitchen appliance that purifies the kitchen environment. It is installed above the kitchen stove, which can quickly remove the burning waste of the stove and the harmful oil smoke generated during the cooking process, and then discharge it outside. Using this exhaust hood can reduce pollution, purify the air and have the safety protection effect of anti-virus and explosion-proof. The restaurant hood from Twothousand machinery is your best choice.

We have four styles commercial kitchen hood, like English style, west style, normal style, and two side style restaurant hoods, two kinds of silent oil net are available for you to choose from. The dimension of commercial kitchen exhaust hood can be freely assembled, and the material can be made of stainless steel 201 or 304, basing on your need. It is easy to clean and do not easily rust because of the durable stainless-steel material. It is widely used in commercial kitchen and will have more and more kitchen using it. Twothousand machinery offers a high-quality machine with reasonable price for you.