Commercial Outdoor Furniture

At Restaurant Furniture Plus, we offer a wide selection of commercial outdoor furniture that includes everything from bar stools to chaise lounges to heating elements. No matter the size of your eatery, the type of atmosphere you hope to create, or the available room in your budget, we have pieces that are sure to fit your needs precisely. But first, take a look at the factors that play key roles in your choice of outdoor restaurant furniture.


Outdoor furnishings are constantly exposed to conditions that are much harsher than those inside your shop. This is why it’s so important to invest in rugged, long-lasting pieces that remain visually appealing and structurally sound through storms and seasons of intense sunlight. 

When you’re shopping for durable outdoor restaurant chairs and bar stools, be sure to investigate Restaurant Furniture Plus’s line of resin products. Our Wickerlook outdoor  furniture, for instance, features a delicate woven pattern that is surprisingly strong. These stools cannot rust, have a simple design, and are easy to clean. Similarly, our Ares Outdoor Dining Chairs  are entirely made of durable resin and come in multiple colors.

If you prefer metal to plastic, take a look at our wrought iron tables. These heavy-duty tables won’t budge on windy days and you won’t have to worry about water pooling on their grid-patterned surfaces.

Use of Space

As a business owner, you aim to serve as many customers as possible without overcrowding your space. By choosing the right styles of furniture, you can comfortably fit a surprising number of people on even a moderately sized patio. To efficiently seat larger parties, try one of our beer garden sets. These German-made three-piece sets come in different sizes, but they all offer ample bench seating for groups. 

To neatly stow tables and chairs at the end of the day, be sure to look into our folding and stackable furniture options. Some of our outdoor restaurant tables can be easily flattened and slipped into narrow storage spaces. What’s more, these ingenious tables come in multiple fun colors. Likewise, many of our colorful metal chairs can be stored in a tidy stack.


Though your outdoor area may not include booths or armchairs, you can certainly find comfortable seating in Restaurant Furniture Plus’s collection of commercial outdoor bar furniture. Many of our chairs, including metal and imitation teak options, feature armrests that your customers can use as they chat and relax. For a pool area, try our chaise lounges. The former offers deep, slightly reclined seating in colors ranging from teak to seafoam to yellow. Our chaise lounges include numerous resin models that hold up under intense sunlight, water, and sunscreen. These brightly colored seats have surfaces made of a mesh fabric that is soft enough to take a nap on.

Air temperature is also critical to your customers’ comfort. That’s why we offer fire pits, heat lamps, and umbrellas. Our fire pits are large enough that numerous people can gather around them. One of our upright patio heaters can provide heat to areas up to 16 feet away. Our outdoor restaurant umbrellas effectively block entire parties from the sun’s rays. On top of that, our umbrellas come in different styles, including ones with crank lift or pulley mechanisms, to suit your eatery’s needs.


We understand how important it is to make a good first impression. Especially on your patio, which is perhaps the most visible part of your operation to walk-by and drive-by traffic, you want to have trendy furnishings that set your eatery apart from other establishments. When you want to create a light, cheerful atmosphere, try colorful outdoor bar furniture such as our steel patio tables. Opt for white, sky blue, or coral tables to achieve the look you desire. 

To give off a rustic vibe, include our Tolix Style Distressed Metal Chairs in your layout. Choose from green, yellow, three different shades of blue, or several other colors. If you want to instantly transport your customers to a charming European locale, try our aluminum-framed chairs that feature colorful woven backs and seats. Choose from red, green, blue, or brown checker designs.


Our team at Restaurant Furniture Plus understands that business owners and entrepreneurs must stick to their budgets. When you browse our collection of commercial outdoor restaurant furniture, you will find that the prices of our furnishings vary every bit as much as the furnishings themselves. 

When you purchase your eatery’s outdoor furniture from Restaurant Furniture Plus, you aren’t simply left to scroll through lists until you find what you’re looking for. Our representatives are happy to discuss your unique situation so we can match you with the perfect pieces, even if they aren’t listed online. Give us a call today at (844) 480.0855 to learn more.


Regardless of the size of your patio or the look you want to create, it is wise to offer a variety of seating options. This way, you can efficiently seat parties at tables of the proper size and accommodate different patrons’ requests. If some of your tables are large, be sure to pair them with smaller, more intimate tables. Our Square Metal Table, for instance, is perfect for groups of two or three.