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Becoming a global force

In the mid-1990s Samsung Electronics revolutionised its business through a dedication to making world-class products, providing total customer satisfaction and being a good corporate citizen all under the vision of quality first. During this period, 17 different products from semiconductors to computer monitors, TFT-LCD screens to colour picture tubes climbed into the ranks of the top-five products for global market share in their respective areas and 12 others achieved top market ranking in their areas. Being No.1 also means fulfilling corporate social obligations, whether the cause is social welfare, environmental conservation, cultural events or sports.

To that end, Samsung Electronics actively participated in sports marketing and as a result of its intensive efforts, its then-chairman, Kun-hee Lee, was selected as a member of the International Olympic Committee (IOC) in July 1996, greatly enhancing the company image as a key contributor to world athletics.