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The World Split in Two, like an Atom.

What is The Unthinkable War?

CoH2:UW is a brand new alternate history conversion mod that brings you to the 1960s and 1970s in a fictional ‘Cold War Gone Hot’ scenario.

The two major coalition forces of the West and East clash violently with one another in a massive conflict, vying for control and dominance over Europe which will inevitably decide the fate of the future.

Take your side and stand to liberate or conquer Europe using five distinct armies, each with their own set of commanders. CoH2:UW aims to create a new age for the series – exploring what it would be like if Company of Heroes expanded to the new modern era – the mod attempts to emulate the aesthetic of a DLC or expansion pack.

What’s different and what’s new?

CoH2:UW modifies the gameplay, upscaling combat with new gameplay mechanics, concepts as well as updating the setting to a more modern age.

Destroy enemy tanks using recoilless rifles teams, call upon fast-moving close air support, infiltrate the enemy using spies, conduct mechanized warfare using APCs, obliterate your enemies with powerful artillery such as SCUD Missiles and more.

The new coming-of-age warfare entails greater mobility and flexibility – your armies will be augmented with more automatic weapons with keystone icons such as the M16 and AK47 as you take advantage of the evolution of technology.

What factions are included in the mod?

Unthinkable War includes 5 factions on the European front of the war. Gone is the age of the Axis-Allies dynamic and comes to the tension between Western NATO and the Eastern Warsaw Pact.

Belligerents of NATO

  1. The United States Armed Forces

  2. The British Armed Forces

  3. The West German Bundeswehr

Belligerents of Warsaw Pact

  1. The East German National People’s Army

  2. The Soviet Army of the USSR

Additionally – commanders featured in these doctrines can include other sub-factions such as the French and the Italians in this global conflict.

What is the doctrine system in the mod?

CoH2: UW features its own doctrine system – This means that all commander abilities have been made from scratch, specifically tuned for the mod and all commanders will be available to anyone who plays it. You do not need any DLC or vanilla commanders to access any of the content. Everything is available to you.

Following the similar style to the original Company of Heroes formula – Each commander will provide 6 distinct and unique abilities that specialize in certain tactics in warfare. Each faction upon launch of the game includes 3 commanders (15 commanders in total) – and as time goes on, additional commanders will be added overtime featuring new content and mechanics.

The Unthinkable War is a progressive conflict and follows the timeline – as time passes, so does the advent of new technologies, weapons and warfare. Commanders released after the launch of the mod will continue the time period, starting from the 1970s and begin to contain more new weapons of the time period until we reach the 1980s and 1990s.

Commanders will be retrofitted with relative balance changes and mechanics overtime to keep them relevant with new commanders that will include the new types of technology.

Where and how can I play this mod?

Playable now and available through the Company of Heroes 2 Steam Workshop – Subscribe and play! You may also join us in our official discord server to share your thoughts and feedback as well as meet up with other players who may want to play the mod as a group.

The Unthinkable War is available as a tuning pack and is compatible with most custom game modes such as Asymmetrical Warfare, Increased Resource/Zoom, Tactical Commands as well as modes like War Drive, Conquest, Endgame and Last Line.

Official Links

Official CoH2:UW Discord Server –

Made possible after almost a year of concentrated effort.

Official CoH2:UW Workshop Page – []