Company of Heroes 3 will offer more custom tools than ever

Strategy games – including past Company of Heroes games – live and die in the long-term on the mod communities that grow in the years post-launch. We imagine Company of Heroes 3 will likely be no different when it finally releases in November. Developer Relic is already taking proactive steps to give players tools so they can customise the upcoming WW2 game.

While Relic hasn’t talked about mod tools specifically, lead campaign designer Sacha Narine confirms that the studio will be offering players “more control over their skirmishes than we have in the past.”

“There will be more tools for you to set up games with unique properties and game options,” Narrine explains. “So different starting conditions, randomisation of artillery strikes, airstrikes, para drops, different resourcing options, and everything [else]. That’s going to be cool. I’m excited for people to see that.”

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Company of Heroes 3 is launching with a number of ‘firsts’ for the series, including a Total War-style campaign map for its 1943 Italy campaign, new features in tactical combat, as well as four factions at launch.

The Company of Heroes 3 release date is November 17, 2022, and pre-orders are available now. If you’ve already participated in previous Company of Heroes 3 alphas you can try out the ‘Mission Alpha’ scenario from the newly announced North Africa campaign.

This is a more traditional Company of Heroes experience that introduces the war game’s fourth faction, the Afrika Korps. For more Company of Heroes 3 news, check out the studio’s plans for Company of Heroes 3 DLC and post-release support.