Company of Heroes: Tales of Valor (Video Game 2009) – IMDb

Company of Heroes: Tales of Valor is an expansion to Company of Heroes. Tales of Valor is developed by Relic Entertainment. It features 3 separate mini-campaigns, reward side-units for multiplayer, and separate game types for multiplayer.

The 3 mini-campaigns features 2 German campaigns with 1 US campaign. The German campaigns feature a Tiger ace and the Falaise Pocket. The American campaign features paratroopers assaulting a causeway. The campaigs are different from Company of Heroes and its expansion, Opposing Fronts. The campaigns focus on hero units and upgrades instead of the grander scale of the previous games. The Tiger Ace campaign allows the player to upgrade the Tiger with additional firepower, speed, or armor. The game has a nice challenge across its campaigns even with the hero units. Once again the key to success is map control and positioning. Unit abilities are crucial to win close engagements.

The multiplayer units offer a different side to all of the factions. Each unit is meant to be a side-grade for each replacement unit. Initially some of these units were overpowered but with patches they have become more balanced. Each of the units features different abilities from its original unit. Finally, the multiplayer features operations which are smaller, more casual game modes.

Overall Tales of Valor is a solid expansion but it likely will not attract any more fans to the series.

Grade: B