Company of Heroes (Video 2013) – IMDb

Lt. Joe Conti: [after Nate wakes up at the hospital] My name is Lieutenant Conti… and I have with me a letter from our division commander. It’s of highest importance. “No words could express how grateful we are… for what you and your squad were able to accomplish, given the circumstances. Today, we are truly in the company of heroes.” Now, the device that you brought back… that was the very definition of priceless. And I promise you this: History will prove that it was worth every life lost in its pursuit.

Lt. Joe Conti: Now, that being said… none of what you did, or saw, or learned… from the morning of the German bombardment to your return to this CP… ever happened. There’ll be no medals, no commendations, no promotions. You can’t tell your family. Hell, you can’t even tell your preacher. None of this happened. Do you understand?

Nate: Yes sir.