Company of the Cauldron

We take pride in our restaurant and employees. We are still taking extra steps to assure your safety while dinning at the restaurant. Cleanliness has always been a priority. We appreciate your past business and looking forward to serving you soon. CHEF KELLER

Come join us for our 50th year as Nantucket’s most celebrated special occasion restaurant! Join Michelin star chef Joseph Keller and his culinary team for an extraordinary dining experience. Taste the years of culinary mastery obtained through his extensive experience in the states and abroad, including collaborating with his brother Thomas on The French Laundry, Bouchon, and Ad Hoc. He is now back home on Nantucket after a twenty-two-year hiatus to celebrate the people he loves through food, wine and conversation.

At Company of the Cauldron you will enjoy Chef Keller’s old-school approach to hospitality from his open Heston kitchen, focusing on a different menu every night, in a classic prix fixe format, using French technique, sustainable sourcing and the freshest farm-to-table ingredients.

It all serves to illuminate the coveted classics and elevate comfort food to a whole new level. The Cauldron throws a dinner party each night for friends we have not met yet, with Chef Keller at the helm, coming out of the kitchen to meet every guest. While the long-time, friendly, knowledgeable and polished staff tends to every detail so you can focus on your company. Truly, it is a dining experience like no other.