Company – Trip & Co – Aircargo

Trip & Co was founded in 1890 as a supplier of steel wire, rope and pulley blocks for the shipping industry. These days Trip & Co is a leading name as manufacturer and supplier with high quality of cargo products. For more than 25 years Trip & Co has been producing various cargo products that are delivered all over the world. Since its establishment, Trip & Co has stood by innovation, quality and long-term relationships with its customers. Thus Trip & Co, in collaboration with KLM, invented the first generation of insulated air cargo covers.

The good and reliable name Trip & Co has, is because of the use of the best materials, which guarantees the quality of our products.

Produced in house
We produce in-house, offering high-quality solutions for safe and secure operations.

Global network
We have a global production and storage facility network with 137 locations, delivering within 24 hours.

We can design and engineer custom-made solutions especially for you, according to your needs.

Extensive service
We provide extensive service during your entire transport process, from start to finish.