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I couldn’t find much info on the course itself, aside from what’s on their web page, which is very little. So I did some digging. I found the lady behind the course and email mentoring/support. Below is an excerpt from her website that tells you more about her. She also has 2 books (recommended with the course) on Amazon that give a taste of the quality of her teachings. I dug up some reviews on her books and put them below as well.

In summary, most people who wrote reviews seem to also have taken her online course: Practical Reiki Independent Study. Her teaching style is beloved. If I was to be deciding whether or not to take her course, the reviews on both books would have me convinced.

online reiki certificationonline reiki certification

About Alice Langholt, Reiki Master/Teacher

Dr. Alice Langholt is a parent, author, and teacher with Master’s level training in several Reiki modalities. She has a Ph.D. in Metaphysical Parapsychology. Alice is an adjunct professor at Montgomery College and teaches classes in Reiki and intuitive development locally and by distance. She is the Executive Director of Reiki Awakening Academy Online School of Intuitive Development.

Alice is the author of the Reiki resource, Practical Reiki: for balance, well-being, and vibrant health. A guide to a simple, revolutionary energy healing method, which won second place for Best Reiki Book in the 2012 About.com Reader’s Choice Awards, and was a Finalist in the Books of Excellence Awards in 2016. She has also authored The Practical Reiki Companion workbook, and many more books on self-care, poetry, and intuitive development. Alice is also a wedding officiant.

Alice lives in the Washington, DC Metro area. In addition, she has authored specific curricula in Reiki for Parents, Reiki for Nurses and Caregivers (approved by the Ohio Board of Nurses for continuing education units), and more. Alice completed 100 hours in the Transdisciplinary Holistic Care Program at The Cleveland Clinic and is a Group Leader with The Distance Healing Network (the-dhn.com). She taught Practical Reiki in Lily Dale, NY for two summers, and gives workshops at holistic expos around the US. Her husband, Evan, and their four kids know and use Reiki.

As a teacher, Alice believes that close guidance and mentoring are essential elements for learning energy healing. She provides this support to each student, getting to know each and assist him or her in growing intuition and becoming confident practitioners.

Alice’s Story:

People often ask me how I got here, how I became a passionate Reiki teacher. Here’s the story, and links (underlined) to a number of blog posts written at the time of the events I’ve described here. Please enjoy.

When I was a kid, I wanted to feel special. Doesn’t everyone want to feel special, endowed with something that stands out, a reason for being here? I used to read lots of books about characters with psychic powers or special abilities, and wish I was like that. But, I wasn’t.

I grew up with a liberal Jewish upbringing. I attended Hebrew School, became Bat Mitzvah, and continued attending religious school through High School. I remember wishing for some feeling that what I was doing had a purpose. I wanted to feel a connection with God or at least something outside myself during services, prayers, or any time at all. I never did.

I didn’t dislike being Jewish. I felt, and still feel, connected with a People, culture, history, land, language, religion, and traditions. I even went on after college to study Judaism further and received a Master’s degree in Jewish Studies. But through all of this study and search, something remained elusive: a spiritual connection. I wanted something I could feel and be sure about. I was fascinated by, skeptical of, and a little envious of those who had “spiritual confidence” – utter faith and belief. For me, the experience was the only way I was going to get to that point. The experience wasn’t there for me.

I felt the most frustration during formal worship services. There are group and individual prayers, standing, sitting, singing, and reading in Hebrew. I knew them all, but nothing gave me the feeling I craved. I was seeking certainty of something more, something beyond this existence. I would leave services feeling frustrated. I wondered why I had come, what others were getting out of the experience. I think I drove my husband kinda nuts by asking him what he got out of the experience. His answers didn’t help me. He wasn’t struggling the same way as I was.

When I was pregnant with my youngest child, a parent at my kids’ school asked me if I’d like to learn Reiki. I had no idea what that was. She explained that Reiki is an energy healing technique that could be helpful for reducing pregnancy discomforts. She had my attention, and I figured, “Why not?” I came to her house, where she taught me Usui Reiki level 1, and gave me my first attunement.

I was underwhelmed, but faithfully did my Reiki self healings throughout my pregnancy, and sometimes gave my infant daughter Reiki after she was born. When she was a year and a half old, I asked that same parent if there was more to Reiki than what I had learned. She said absolutely and asked if I would like to learn level 2. I agreed.

My level 2 Reiki attunement changed everything. As soon as my teacher attuned me to level 2, my hands began to tingle. When I deliberately thought “Reiki,” my hands tingled and warmed in response. When I put them on or above myself or someone else, the resulting sense of relaxation, warmth and peace were undeniable. My teacher taught me distance healing as well. Here was the defining moment of my spiritual awakening.

This was what I had been searching for as long as I could remember: a tangible response to spiritual energy. Learning Reiki created my spiritual connection. I began offering distance healing weekly to two friends, and their physical and emotional health improvements were amazing. One of my friends had a deep fear of medical procedures and a health issue that was terrifying her. The Reiki healings helped her release this over time, and she became calmer. It turned out she didn’t need the procedure she was expecting, as the issue had healed. The other friend was having physical therapy, and over the course of time, she experienced great improvements and didn’t need to continue the therapy. I was amazed, delighted, and felt completely inspired. My friends were too, and both of them went on to learn Reiki for themselves.

This was more than a physical-spiritual connection now, this was the magic power I desired in my youth; a purpose for my existence. I had been transformed from a mere mortal to someone with healing power. Three months later, I became a Reiki Master Teacher.

I knew that if I could learn to do this, anyone could. It became my mission to teach others what’s right inside us all. I find great joy, satisfaction and validation in seeing others find their spiritual connection as I did, and knowing that they go on to pass this knowledge to others.

Every day, I receive emails from my students telling me how amazed they are at the way Reiki has improved their lives. Many of them go on to teach others, join the Distance Healing Network, and share this amazing energy with their family, friends, and those who need it. This keeps me going, reminds me daily of the power and reality of this connection to energy, and the immense power that everyone has within if they care to find it. It has become my purpose to help people discover this, and I’ve never felt so fulfilled, motivated, and grateful.

Now I’ve begun the Reiki Awakening Academy, bringing together some amazing people I’ve met along my journey, to share their skills and gifts with more people, as they did with me.

Love and gratitude to everyone who has been a part of this journey so far, and all who will join me yet.

Source: https://www.reikiawakening.com/

Amazon Book Reviews

Practical Reiki TM: for balance, well-being, and vibrant health. A guide to a simple, revolutionary energy healing method.

“In Practical Reiki™, Alice Langholt introduces a new system of Reiki that she has developed. There are many traditional schools of Reiki that incorporate the use of symbols, hand positions, and other rules on Reiki practice that are complicated. Practical Reiki™ however, is a modern, concise and straightforward practice of Reiki. The intention is the basis for accessing and facilitating others to receive Reiki energy but without the use of Reiki symbols or hand positions. For new students, this book is used in conjunction with classwork to learn Practical Reiki™ so the basics about understanding and sensing energy, as well as the groundwork for Levels 1, 2, and 3 are covered.

Alice’s writing style is down-to-earth and easy to understand for new students or those already Reiki trained. The material is presented with insight and humor, answering most questions you would think of as you go along. As a Reiki practitioner initially trained in Usui and other schools or Reiki, I find Practical Reiki™ an unencumbered, powerful method with all the results you would want or expect. Practical Reiki™ is streamlined and pure, and the only type of Reiki I now practice. Let Alice introduce you to her easy-to-follow and highly effective Reiki system.”

“Practical Reiki is exactly what I have been looking and waiting for. I’ve been a student of Reiki since 2007, knowing that someday I would be pursuing my Reiki Training and Attunements. 2011 was the year…I first had a traditional Usui 1 Reiki Attunement; although I learned a lot, I found myself in the position of “not quite feeling ” the energy. Three weeks later, Practical Reiki was released; it very much resonated with me. I read the book and was VERY intrigued, and then pursued my Practical Reiki training and Attunements, to the Master Level, directly with Alice Langholt, author of Practical Reiki. The book is extremely well-written: powerfully simplistic, attainable to anybody, as Reiki was intended. But don’t let the simplistic nature fool you, this is a VERY powerful and beautiful modality, bringing in the Kundalini (Earth) energy. I cannot recommend both the book and the Practical Reiki Attunements/training enough. This has literally changed the direction of my life.”

“Practical Reiki is the most practical and down-to-earth book I’ve read about Reiki, and I’ve read quite a few. The system itself is plainly perfect for anyone wishing to achieve deep and lasting wholeness through Reiki without going through the sometimes unnecessarily complex system of traditional Usui Reiki. I’m a Usui Reiki Master and I have come across dozens of people who want something they don’t have to be quite so conscious of, and this system is a great solution to that. It’s wonderful for busy parents, college students who are looking for some healthy stress relief, and anyone who is looking to complement their health without investing a great amount of time or money. This manual includes all the necessary information for anyone who wants to practice Reiki for themselves or others, in a way that you can quickly experiment with and validate. Plus her added notes about the claims and how we perceive energy is an absolute must for anyone working with energy, especially those who fear they are unable to use Reiki because they think they can’t feel it. Alice’s personality is also charming and endearing. She shares what she knows without making you feel like an idiot. I particularly loved her analogies. Healing isn’t complicated, and Reiki shouldn’t be either. Read this book and take her class to start taking control of your health today.”

Source: https://www.amazon.com/Practical-Reiki-TM-well-being-revolutionary-ebook/

The Practical Reiki Companion: a workbook for use with Practical Reiki: for balance, well-being, and vibrant health. A guide to a simple, revolutionary energy healing method.

“I purchased this Companion workbook along with my Practical Reiki book. I am also taking Alice’s online class, so I am especially pleased there is a workbook to go along with the guide. I like to capture things because no matter how amazing an experience as it’s easy to forget details. This workbook allows you to capture all of the ‘firsts’ and their details! It’s a place you’ll want to visit as your Reiki progresses, to see how far you’ve come since day one, as well as review what you wrote to find similarities in feelings and sensations. It could be your map to figuring out how your Reiki energy works for you!”

“The Practical Reiki™ Companion Workbook is a great resource to use with Practical Reiki™ training. The student can record experiences or exercises throughout their training. Documenting one’s thoughts and feelings serves to deepen and strengthen the connection with Reiki, thereby making Reiki practice stronger. Also included are pages designed to log sessions or attunements. The workbook can also be used as a reference and experience sharing tool for the Practical Reiki™ Master Teacher when teaching Practical Reiki™. The workbook is a great idea and highly recommended to complement your training.”

“The Practical Reiki Companion is a great workbook to use in combination with Practical Reiki. This workbook can have different benefits, e.g it can be used as a record of our learning, to help us understand our intuition by observing, registering our experiences, and finding patterns in our sessions, and can be also used as a reference for future discussions with others. When we register what we learn, we can come back, see our progress and remember things we learned to add to our knowledge or we can simply verify what we know. We can journal our feelings, and improve our energetic practice by reflecting on our practice with Reiki. Further, this workbook helps us understand better Practical Reiki. There are also Healing and Attunement logs at the end of the book to register various experiences.”

Source: https://www.amazon.com/Practical-Reiki-Companion-well-being-revolutionary/