Cook Out Burger Chain Nearing Manassas Park Opening

If you’ve never heard of Cook Out, you’re not alone. But this Southern fast food chain has been inching its way north and will soon plant a flag in Manassas Park — much to the excitement of many Northern Virginians.

Local transplants who already know and love the brand have been buzzing on social media about the anticipated opening for months. The chain, known for its chargrilled burgers, barbecue, and shakes, currently has three locations in the region: two in Fredericksburg and one in Winchester. The rest of the over 300 locations are concentrated elsewhere in Virginia, the Carolinas, Tennessee, Alabama, Georgia, Kentucky, Mississippi, and West Virginia, along with a lone restaurant on Maryland’s Eastern Shore in Salisbury. The entry into Prince William County may indicate more NoVA growth to come.

Beyond burgers and barbecue, Cook Out’s eclectic menu incudes hot dogs, chicken sandwiches and wraps, quesadillas, white cheddar cheese bites, hushpuppies, and corn dogs. The chain’s combo trays give customers their choice of entrée — like the “Big Dbl. Burger” — two sides, and a beverage, which includes Cheerwine, a distinctly Southern, cherry-flavored soft drink. Or, for a small upcharge, you can swap a beverage for one of Cook Out’s milkshakes, which come in nearly 40 flavors like peach cobbler, orange Push-Up, cappuccino, and chocolate cherry.

Cook Out is known to be extremely budget-friendly, too, beating out other fast food chains, especially as prices continue to rise. Burgers at the Winchester location range from $1.99 to just under $5. Sides will only set you back $2 to $3. And you’ll be able to satisfy those late-night cravings well past midnight any day of the week.

As to the exact opening date of the Manassas Park restaurant, mum’s the word so far, as our attempts to reach representatives for Cook Out have so far been unsuccessful. But it should be any day now, and you can expect plenty of fanfare (aka: long lines). 8502 Centerville Rd., Manassas Park

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